resources for celebrating and learning about fall

Resources for Celebrating and Learning about Fall

Do you love the fall season, or are you hanging on to the summer as long as you can? No matter which you prefer, we are approaching the official first day of fall. And as we head into this fall, there are lots of ways to celebrate the changing of the season with our little ones. Maybe you are already planning some fun crafts and traditional leaf-themed activities with your kids. As you get ready to head into the fall season, do remember that Signing Time has some resources for celebrating and learning about fall.

Books are always great

It’s time to get out your favorite fall classics! Or head to the library for a fun time exploring and finding some great autumn stories in the children’s section. Your library could also have some fun fall events or reading times for your little ones. The library is a wonderful place to find resources for celebrating and learning about fall.

Signing Time Blog

We have even more ideas and resources for celebrating and learning about fall. Look over our other fall posts for ways to make some fun fall memories and ideas for some last minute fall fun.

Signing Time Resources

Did you know that we have a bunch of activities and crafts available to download for free? You can head to this page for access to all of them, but here are some specific resources we have for fall.

Crafts and Coloring 

Do your kids love to color? This coloring pack has a page about the wind and leaves in the fall (page 11). 

Since we sign with our hands, we have a bunch of crafts to make with our hands, and we call them Handy Crafts. 

These autumn trees are perfect for celebrating fall. 

Sunflowers are at their peak at the end of summer and the beginning of fall, so it’s a great time to make a giant sunflower!

We also have instructions for making a  fall memory book. Or you could even start a keepsake calendar for the entire year.

Even though we may be finished with growing plants outside, we can make some Handy Pots to grow things in the house through the fall and winter.

Signing Activities

We also have a list of signing activity suggestions and instructions. Some of these go along with specific shows, and some are categorized for specific ages or for kids with special needs. Head over to this page to see the different activity ideas.

My Signing Time shows about fall

The Signing Time Classic Collection show “Going Outside” teaches signs for things we find outside in nature. So we can learn some signs for autumn nature and weather.

Extraordinary Earth” from the Rachel & the TreeSchoolers series introduces all kinds of Earth science concepts, including the seasons.

My Favorite Season” is also in the Signing Time Classic Collection. And it teaches signs you can use through the different seasons.

And the Baby Signing Time show “A New Day” talks about different parts of nature and different kinds of weather, which certainly relate to fall as well.

You can access these shows and all of our My Signing Time content with a My Signing Time digital subscription. Try it with a 14-day free trial right here.

How will you welcome the fall?

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