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Alike in Sign Language

Learn how to sign alike in ASL (American Sign Language). One of the most foundational concepts for toddlers is the idea of “same” and “different”. Learn how to sign “alike” to help your child see and express the similarities between things. The sign for “alike” can also be used to express the concept of things that are the “same”.

1. Place one hand up, slightly to the side of your body, thumb and pinky extended, with the rest of the fingers tucked in.

2. Move your hand back and forth between the two things that are “alike” or the “same”.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign alike in ASL

• Teaching signs can create natural educational games for children! Go around the house and collect objects that are “alike” or the same, and those that are not. Have your child observe pairs of objects and indicate with the sign if they are “alike” or not.
• You can indicate things are not alike by signing the word and shaking your head no at the same time. Make sure the emotion of “no” or “not” also shows on your face with slightly furrowed brows as you shake your head no.
• Switch rolls and let your child choose objects they think are “alike” and quiz you!


Alike. Move your hand back and forth with your thumb and pinky. Move between the things that are alike. Sign it with me! Alike. It’s also the sign for same.

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