Sharing the love of Signing Time!

How do our Signing Time Academy Instructors work together?

From collaborating on new class ideas to sharing resources, our Instructors are committed to helping each other share American Sign Language and the benefits of early communication in their home towns! Recently two of our Instructors met in Texas, Daryl from Bradenton, FL and Amy from Austin, TX.  On February 1st,  Amyshared the following on her Facebook page and gave us permission to share it with you:

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“Why do I love Signing Time and the Academy? The friendships and the power of a village coming together to support and educate others on the topic of ASL. The way the Instructors from different backgrounds are always willing to help each other……knowing… no matter where you travel……there is a friend nearby to meet and/or meet again.” ~Amy The Signing Connection with Learning, Language and Literacy & Signing with Ms. Daryl

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