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Last Minute Fall Fun for Your Family

We’re well into the fall season now. Our thoughts have been on apple picking, pumpkin patches, and hay rides. And there are so many ways to incorporate signing into this season!  Let’s look at some signs and activities for fall fun! Fall Weather First, we can talk about the weather. Fall brings different weather, and as the weather changes, you can use signs to describe it.  You can use this sign when the sun is shining, or use this one when the weather is getting cold.  If there is rain, or for some of us, snow, you can learn new …

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Weekly Routines for Summer

Weekly Routines for Summer Fun

We’re on a routine run for this summer!  With the current pandemic restrictions, closures, and cancellations, we all need ideas for making the summer fun for our families.  My own family has settled into lazing around each day, so I’m inspired to implement more structure to our days. One way to do this is to assign an activity to each day of the week.  Some can be fun and some can be practical.  Either way, having a clear “Taco Tuesday” kind of label helps everyone to know what is happening that day.  It gives your kids something to look forward …

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Music and Routines

We’ve seen movies with scenes where someone is cleaning while dancing away to some energetic song, and then we feel inspired to be so carefree and fun while cleaning. Granted, movies show only the dancing, with the cleaning supplies sitting there as props, right?  But could we be inspired and motivated to action with music?   The Science Studies show that music can cause our brains to release dopamine.  While we tend to associate dopamine with pleasure, its actual function is to regulate motivation and goal oriented behavior. Basically, something that brings pleasure or fun (music) causes dopamine release.  Then …

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What Are You Feeling? – Active Learning

Everyone of all ages have feelings and it is important to be able to express and discuss what we are feeling in healthy ways. Talking about our feelings helps us to connect with those we care about. Being aware of our feelings and being able to discuss them can help us avoid or resolve conflicts more naturally and move through difficult feelings more effectively. Signing Time Dictionary Spend a few minutes a day reviewing the signs for feelings. Watch each video and practice the sign. Parent Resources As parents we must understand our own emotions and be comfortable with discussing …

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Flower in American Sign Language

Flowers in American Sign Language

Learn how to sign FLOWERS in sign language and keep a look out for nature’s fancy growing things! 1. Sign the singular “flower” (connect all your fingertips together, touch one side of the nose, then the other). To show the plural “flowers”, repeat, touching each side of the nose a couple of more times . 2. This sign looks like you are checking out the smell of several flowers. Use this visual to help you remember the sign. Teaching Tips Teach sign language using favorite children’s books. As you read together, sign words you know – either printed ones or …

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Keep Your Little Ones Actively Learning

Learning can be fun and active. We have some wonderful resources for parents, teachers, and professionals. ALL of the activities use your hands, while most of the activities incorporate signing.that it’s the music that makes Signing Time so special. Our music library is available for purchase at iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Music and more under Artist Rachel Coleman. Here you’ll find all the lyrics for songs found in each of our videos. Color Alex, Leah, Hopkins and more with Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, and Nursery Rhymes Coloring Pages! Download Free Signing Time Coloring Pages Signing Activities Here are …

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Move & Groove Activities

It is important to keep everyone moving while at home. Encourage movement with signing! Play the Signing Time Move and Groove Game at home. It’s a great indoor or backyard activity. Simply download the game instructions, create your own spinner, or print the flash cards to play! Great for children ages 2-6. PDF: Download this game now Learn the signs for this game: Additional Movement Activities and Crafts Fast or Slow Build a Paper Plate Tambourine Signing Charades Party Game Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts


It’s Summer time and Hopkins is packing a bag and ready for adventure! Join Signing Time fans and Signing Time Academy Instructors worldwide as we take Hopkins traveling with us!   Ready, Set, Hop! Hopkins’ adventures begin now and they will continue all summer. Pull out a map, and follow his travels with your family! He will be hopping all over the world! Where is he going? To find out, follow the hashtag #WhereIsHopkins on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets. As he travels, his helpers will post photos and information about the places he visits! You and …

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We Have October ASL Signs for You!

October brings autumn leaves, shorter days, cooler weather, and comfort foods. October is also a time to celebrate Cookie Month, National Pizza Month, and National Popcorn Popping Month and, of course, Halloween. Here are some fun signs to practice in October! Cookie Here is one of our favorite cookie recipes for you to try – Peanut Butter Blossoms.   Popcorn   Pizza PIZZA has several regional variants, It can be fingerspelled, making a “P” hand while signing a “Z”, are two ways. We’ve included the Silly Pizza Song to make learning PIZZA even more fun! See if you can follow Rachel as she …

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