Baby Sign Language – Thanksgiving Signs!

It’s Thanksgiving this week and a perfect time to learn some new sign with your little one! With this family-oriented time of year, it’s a nice time to learn some associated signs as you get ready for the holidays. Help your child get excited too as they learn with you!


Turkey is a must for Thanksgiving. Teach your child to sign this Thanksgiving stable by making forming your right hand into a fist, straightening out your pointer finger and thumb. This is the same sign for the letter “Q”. Place your fist under your chin and move it to your chest and back like a turkey’s wattle.


It’s just not Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes! Sign this delicious treat by miming a potato. Hold one hand out from your body and make a fist shape, like a potato. With your other hand, extend the middle and pointer finger while tucking the rest of the fingers into the palm.“Stab” the top of your fist hand with the second hand.  It looks like you are stabbing a potato with a fork.


“Football” can be a fun one to teach your child. You can play toss with them with a small ball as an activity associated with this sign. This American pastime is a good one to learn during the Thanksgiving season. To sign “football”, bring your hands up to about shoulder height. Outstretch your finger and separate them. Bring your hands together and intertwine your fingers while still keeping them straight. This motion looks like a team coming in for a football huddle.


Teach your child the purpose of this great holiday with the sign for “thank you”! Hold one hand flat up to your chin, palm facing in. Lightly touch your chin and pull your hand forward until it stops with your palm up towards the ceiling. Be sure to add a kind and thankful facial expression to complete this one. This sign can also be used for “gratitude”. To make it a big thank you, you can also use both hands to sign it, signifying extreme thankfulness.

Start signing this one each time your child hands you something or does something you ask to reinforce the importance of showing gratitude.


Want more signs?

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