Holiday Signs

learn some Thanksgiving signs

It’s Time to Learn Some Thanksgiving Signs!

It’s Thanksgiving this week, and we’re all planning, cooking, traveling, or preparing to visit with family. There is plenty of activity this week for all of us! But since it’s an iconic time of the year, maybe we could squeeze in a few new signs as part of our celebrations. How cute will Grandma think it is when your little one signs turkey? Your kids will love showing off what they’ve learned as well. So let’s take just a few minutes to learn some Thanksgiving Signs!   ASL Sign For TURKEY Of course, we have to start with turkey. To sign …

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what labor day is

Do Your Kids Know What Labor Day Is?

For many of us, Labor Day is the official mark of the end of summer. We get the day off, we gather with family and friends, and we celebrate. But do we know what we are celebrating? When my kids were tiny, and they asked me what Labor Day is, I had to stop and think. “Um, I think it’s about working…which is weird because we’re not working, but um…” So as we head into this Labor Day Weekend, let’s be prepared to explain what Labor Day is. Labor Day goes way back to the Industrial Revolution, when the terrible …

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holiday traditions are important

Holiday Traditions are Important for Children

Holiday Traditions are Important for Children As the holiday season winds down over the next week or so, it’s a good time to think through our holiday traditions. Your family may have age old traditions that you continue to celebrate. Or your family may have tried some new things to celebrate the holidays this year. Either way, it’s helpful to evaluate what works for your family, what traditions to continue, and what traditions to let go of. And in the process, let’s consider how holiday traditions are important for children. The Value of Traditions Are holiday traditions really important for …

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Celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time

Celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time

At My Signing Time, we’re all about learning and fun! So with Halloween approaching, it’s a great time to check out our Halloween resources. We have several Halloween shows that you can use to teach your kids both at home or in a school setting. And we have lots of fun Halloween crafts that you can use. Even if you don’t have a subscription, we have Halloween resources for you. Check out what we have, and see how you can celebrate Halloween with My Signing Time!  Signing Time Halloween Signs Let’s start with learning some Halloween signs. What a great …

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ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day as a family

Heartfelt Ideas for a Fun Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! While we typically celebrate romantic love on Valentine’s Day, we can use the spirit of the day to celebrate love in lots of ways. This is a day we can use to teach our kids about love in everyday life and love with family and friends. And if you get really excited about it, you might celebrate for a week, or even all month! So here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family. Teach the meaning of Valentine’s Day There are multiple histories of St. Valentine, who was likely several different men. …

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Halloween Safety & Fun

Halloween Safety & Fun

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Halloween can have mixed emotions for many children with costumes and decorations varying from playful to scary. As parents it can be difficult to help children understand that Halloween is all pretend. Knowing the facts can help you teach your children and make it fun. Halloween evolved from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts, but over the centuries Halloween transitioned to a day of parties, costumes,  and trick-or-treating. The History Channel states, “Halloween, celebrated annually on October 31, is one of the world’s oldest holidays. Although it’s derived …

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How to Sign CHRISTMAS in ASL

Sign Christmas in American Sign Language Watch the Video Click image below to play. Free QuickTime Player required.   Download the Flash Card Click the image below and then save the PDF to your computer. Use your printer settings to modify the color and size of your printed flash card.   Learn More! You get the Complete Signing Time Christmas 2-DVD + CD Set with a My Signing Time Subscription. Subscriptions give you access to every video that Two Little Hands has produced, along with music, ebooks, guides, and more. You also get our newest show, Rachel & Me – a heartwarming …

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We Have October ASL Signs for You!

October brings autumn leaves, shorter days, cooler weather, and comfort foods. October is also a time to celebrate Cookie Month, National Pizza Month, and National Popcorn Popping Month and, of course, Halloween. Here are some fun signs to practice in October! Cookie Here is one of our favorite cookie recipes for you to try – Peanut Butter Blossoms.   Popcorn   Pizza PIZZA has several regional variants, It can be fingerspelled, making a “P” hand while signing a “Z”, are two ways. We’ve included the Silly Pizza Song to make learning PIZZA even more fun! See if you can follow Rachel as she …

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A Mother’s Day Tribute

By LeeAnn Mason Words cannot express the amazing experiences over the last 14 years. Our hearts are full as we read the hundreds of emails, reviews, and letters we receive. It has been a privilege to have met so many of you at playgroups, speaking engagements, concerts, and other events. YOU are part of our Signing Time family. In 2002, Rachel Coleman and her sister, Emilie, created the first Signing Time video to help their friends and family members learn sign language so they could communicate with Rachel’s daughter, Leah, who is deaf.  We have been so blessed to see …

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Little Signer – Away in a Manger

We love seeing what your little signers can do! lalensphotography shared the following on Instagram and gave us permission to share it with you. Lofton has been learning ASL for the past year and loves watching the Signing Time series!! Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn!… Here’s Tim singing and Lofton signing! #CHRISTMAS2017, #Brownboys, #loftonboy, #asl, #awayinamanger, #signingtime, #signingtimechristmas, #homeschool, #beintentional @lalensphotography, @signing_time, @st_rachel, @somethingbravemusic

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