Choose a Focus for the Holiday Season

Choose a Focus for the Holiday Season

Here we are at the holiday season again! It seems that as a society, we are especially excited to jump into our holiday celebrations this year. And why not? We could all use a reason to celebrate and enjoy our days a little more. So as we head into another holiday season, let’s look at a few things we could add to make it a little more special for our families. And then let’s choose one as a focus for the holiday season.


It’s always fun to add a little extra during the holiday season. However, with all there is to choose from, it can become overwhelming or we can take on too much extra activity. So let’s pick just one area where we can do something extra. With that in mind, here are 3 focus areas to consider in helping us to choose a focus for the holiday season.


Holiday Stories


Do you enjoy reading to your little ones? If you already have a habit of reading to your kids, this will be an easy thing to adapt for the holidays. And even if you don’t regularly read to your kids, it’s a relatively simple thing to add one or two reading sessions a week to your schedule. So either way, consider reading through a bunch of holiday stories throughout the season. The frequency is up to you. It could be a story each day, or it could be one new story each week. 


Check out our article here for story ideas and suggestions if you choose this focus for the holiday season.


Holiday Games


Do you have active little ones? They might not enjoy shopping or decorating, but they may enjoy some fun holiday games. And they may enjoy playing a holiday game on repeat, which could free up some time for you as a parent. Or maybe you prefer to play along with your kids, and that’s great too! Whichever you choose, a season of fun holiday games could be a perfect thing to choose as a focus for the holiday season.


You can find our ideas for holiday games here.


Holiday Traditions


Traditions are really important to our kids during the holidays. They provide something to look forward to, and they make kids feel like there’s something of their own within those activities. We each have regular holiday traditions that we do every year. But sometimes it’s time to retire a tradition or to add a new one. As the years go by, our kids can grow out of some traditions. Or there may be a tradition that your family is just tired of doing. 


Thankfully, it’s early enough in the holiday season to think through our traditions and decide if we need a change. If you and your family do think that it’s time to mix things up a bit, then that can be the focus you choose for the holiday season.


Read more about holiday traditions here!


No matter how you choose a focus for this holiday season, we hope you enjoy this time with your family and make some wonderful memories. And maybe you could learn a few holiday signs too. Check out the home section or the toy section of our free Signing Time Dictionary for some ideas. You could also watch our short December Holiday Signs video to learn some signs to go with our December holidays. Check out some of our other holiday shows at My Signing Time while you’re there.


Happy Holidays!


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