Help Our Kids Learn to Adapt to Changes

Let’s Help Our Kids Learn to Adapt to Changes

It’s a New Year! The beginning of a New Year is a time that we all think about changes. As we consider what needs to change, we set new goals and resolutions, hoping that we can stick with these changes. And so, as we think about our own changes for this new year, let’s think about changes that we would like to help our kids make. Then, let’s look at how we can help our kids with these changes, and how that helps them learn to adapt to other changes they will face in their lives. We can use small changes now to help our kids learn to adapt to changes in their futures. 


We can start by helping our kids choose their own New Year goals or resolutions. Just one goal is a great place to start. And it will be easier to be successful if they can focus on one goal. So what kinds of goals do our kids need to work on? Kids can work on making their beds daily or keeping their rooms clean. They can set goals about personal hygiene and tooth brushing. Children can also set new goals regarding their chores or for decluttering their toys.


It’s also possible that you as a parent have a goal for your child. Perhaps it’s time for potty training or to learn the alphabet. Or you may want your children to grow in the other areas listed above. 


Either way, this is a great time to help our children to make a change in their own young lives. And this step helps them to continue making changes in the future. It helps our kids learn to adapt to changes. 


Continue to help with changes


As our kids grow and learn through life, we can continue to help them work through and adapt to changes. When we start to look for it, we can see how we all face changes quite frequently. So let’s help our kids learn to adapt to changes as they come up in their everyday lives.


For example, taking on a new chore is a change that our kids must adapt to. Gaining or losing a friend is a change. Again, potty training is a huge change that takes a lot of adapting. And when it comes time for your little one to learn to read, it’s another huge change.


We can help our kids learn to adapt to changes, especially these big changes, as we help them adapt to the small changes they can face each day. So let’s watch for these opportunities, and help our kids to see that they can be brave and that we can help them as they face these everyday changes.


Help at Signing Time


Check out our free Signing Time Dictionary for signs to learn as you choose a goal or work on a change. 


Here is the sign for choose:



Another good sign for this time is the sign for grow.


There are dozens more signs in our Dictionary, with a section for common actions that could go with your goals and even some potty signs to use with potty training.


And at My Signing Time, we have a bunch of shows in our Signing Time Collection that help with signs for everyday life. We even have shows to help with potty training. There are also tons of shows to help with learning the alphabet or letter sounds


We have so many learning resources at My Signing Time! So check out our Watch Free section, or try us out with a 14-day free trial. We’d love to be part of helping your kids learn to adapt to changes in their lives with our fun, educational, character building shows.


How will you help your kids to learn to adapt to changes in this new year?

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