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Create Some February Fun with Signing Time

February is full of reasons to celebrate. And this is good, since for many of us, February is the last month of varying degrees of winter. After the colder weather, we can look forward to spring, but for February, it’s STILL winter. So, as we wait for longer daylight and warmer days, let’s appreciate all that February has to offer. Let’s create some February fun with Signing Time!

February is of course known for Valentine’s Day. But it’s full of other notable days as well. February is Black History Month, which allows for tons of learning for our kids. This month holds the annual celebration of Presidents Day, another great learning opportunity. And did you know that the week after Valentine’s Day, there is Love Your Pet Day? February is also “Celebration of Chocolate Month” and “Declutter for a Cause Month.”

With all of these holidays, plus so many more, we can keep our kids learning and having fun throughout the month of February. So join us to create some February fun! 

Make a plan

First we have to figure out what we want to learn about or celebrate this month. Perhaps you’d like to choose one thing to focus on each week. Or maybe it would work better for you to choose a couple of specific holidays to celebrate. Let’s decide exactly what we’d like to do to create some February fun. 

Learn some signs

Once you make a plan for your February fun, check out the free Signing Time Dictionary to find some signs that go along with your plan. 

create some February fun

February is of course a good time to learn the sign for love. Our Signing Time Dictionary also has entire sections about Feelings, Creativity, School, People, and Home. So head over to this free resource and choose some new signs to learn along with your kids this month, and create some February fun with Signing Time.

Find some crafts to do 

Valentine’s Day is a big crafting time. Maybe you love to make valentine cards with your kids. Or maybe you make decorations for your home each February. 

The internet is full of Valentine crafts, Presidents Day crafts, Black History month activities and crafts, chocolate activities and crafts, pet crafts, and activities and crafts for pretty much anything you want to learn about. 

At Signing Time, we also have a selection of Handy Crafts, all focused on using your hands to make something fun. Check out our Handy Crafts here, and scroll down to find the Valentine’s Day crafts.

Other resources from Signing Time

If you are focusing on love this month, check out our other articles about Showing Your Kids How to Be Loving People and Ideas for a Fun Valentine’s Day at Home.

And over at My Signing Time, browse through some of our shows to see what can line up with your plan to create some February fun. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Happy Valentine’s Day from Signing Time!

The Pets I Love in our Baby Signing Time music videos

We Love Cats and Dogs in our SciShow Kids series

My Neighborhood from our Classic Signing Time series

Family, Feelings, and Fun from Classic Signing Time

Some of these are free to watch and others require a My Signing Time digital subscription, which you can try out with a 14-day free trial right here.

What will you do?

How will you create some February fun? Signs, activities, crafts, holidays…so many ways to make some memories for our kids, to learn and grow, and to have some fun this month! 

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