Now in Production – Rachel & the TreeSchoolers: A Happy, Healthy Me

In this episode of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers, Abigail has a cold and is unable to use her voice to sing. The TreeSchooler friends help us learn about how our bodies get sick, and how to take care of our amazing bodies.





Key questions

  • Why do our bodies get sick?
  • How can we keep our bodies healthy?

Key skills, concepts, and values

  • Respecting our bodies (by taking care of ourselves!)
  • Compassion – the Treeschoolers make Abigail a card
  • Appreciating being healthy

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Your kids in our show

Many families chose the “Your Child in Our Show” reward in our last Kickstarter campaign, so you’ll see lots of new faces in the upcoming episodes! Rachel, Emilie, and our production crew loved meeting and filming these wonderful families in Utah, California, and Washington DC.

Here are a couple of the families you’ll be meeting in TreeSchoolers: A Happy, Healthy Me!


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