How to Easily Learn ASL Grammar and Classifiers

Are you ready to learn how to use ASL grammar and classifiers?  If you want to take your ASL to the next level you must learn these essential skills. Now is the perfect time to try out our Sign It! programSign It! is an American Sign Language course for tweens, teens, and adults. Grow your understanding of ASL Storytelling and Deaf culture while learning to properly use ASL grammar and classifiers in a fun format. The new site is fully functional for both mobile and desktop learning. It’s self-paced, taught by some amazing ASL experts, and is a LOT of fun!!

Sign It! American Sign Language Made Easy is an easy to use online ASL curriculum

The newly upgraded web based environment will take your signing to the next level. You will gain knowledge in vocabulary, fingerspelling fluency, grammar, classifiers, non-manual markers, Deaf culture, and so much more! Learn from amazing entertainers and educators from the ASL community. Some of our instructors include: Keith Wann, Peter Cook, Alexandria Wailes, Crom Saunders, Sean Forbes, Maleni Chaitoo, Manny Hernandez, and your friends from Signing Time!

Short easy to digest lessons increase language retention

Sign It! chapters are short by design. The curriculum covers a broad range of ASL topics. By guiding your focus in short chapters you can increase your knowledge retention and easily review past sections. Chapters include graded quizzes that give quick feedback. This helps you identify your gaps. You can review any chapter as often as needed. Your progress is saved as you go along. Pause or close the program, and pick up right where you left off. No need to worry about losing your progress.

Learning with family and friends increases fluency

Practicing with friends and family will help develop your skills. Sign It curriculum models complete ASL conversations and gives you lots of opportunities to practice with your family and friends. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recommends Shadow Conversations with a partner as a way to grow your second language skills.

“Basically, this means repeating a conversation word-for-word, even when you don’t know what all of the words mean. This helps you get used to the rhythm and patterns of the language, as well as learn to identify individual words and phrases from longer chunks of spoken language. Another great strategy involves holding practice conversations, where you create imaginary conversations and rehearse them multiple times.”

If you have several kids who want to take Sign It!, or if you are part of a homeschool co-op, one of the new features you may love is our new small group license. This 12-month license provides individual progress tracking through the lessons and quizzes for up to 10 students. This license is great for families, homeschool co-ops, playgroup leaders, and other small groups. We also continue to offer our single user license and site licenses for larger schools and organizations.

Sign It! ASL supports the Signing Time Foundation

Every single sale of the Sign It! curriculum helps to support the Signing Time Foundation’s outreach and educational programs for families with deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

Come check out Sign It ASL! Free previews are available on lessons #1, #2, and #10.

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