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How to Easily Learn ASL Grammar and Classifiers

Are you ready to learn how to use ASL grammar and classifiers?  If you want to take your ASL to the next level you must learn these essential skills. Now is the perfect time to try out our Sign It! program.  Sign It! is an American Sign Language course for tweens, teens, and adults. Grow your understanding of ASL Storytelling and Deaf culture while learning to properly use ASL grammar and classifiers in a fun format. The new site is fully functional for both mobile and desktop learning. It’s self-paced, taught by some amazing ASL experts, and is a LOT …

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Thank You for Sign It ASL!

We found out my son was deaf in his right ear when he finally graduated from the NICU at our children’s hospital when he was three months old. We decided then and there to learn as much as we could of sign language and give Finn every opportunity. I discovered quickly that our local resources for learning ASL were fairly limited. I checked out every video and book I could find at the library, bought a few Signing Time DVDs, and hunted online for free lessons to expand our vocabulary. Because of my son’s multiple strokes in the first week …

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Thank you for Sign It!

Thank you so much for providing this resource! We started learning “baby signs” when my oldest daughter was a baby. She loves sign language! Our second daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss and got BAHA hearing aids around 1 year old. So I applied for Sign It and started learning ASL. My older daughter loves watching Signing Time and watching me doing Sign It. We enjoy the lesson style with stories. For the quizzes, I let her guess what is being signed. I find it really helpful when Rachel explains what the sign looks like, or why it is what …

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3 Ways YOU Can Make a Difference Today

Today is Giving Tuesday. Here are three easy ways you can give the gift of communication and connection to those who need it most. #1 – Support ALL Foundation Programs Together, we can reach our $500,000 goal making SignIt ASL lessons available for FREE to families in the U.S. who are raising children who have Down syndrome, ages 36 months and under! (Did you know? We already offer SignIt ASL Lessons for FREE to families in the US raising children with any level of hearing loss, ages 36 months and under through Support All Signing Time Foundation Programs #2 – Support SignIt ASL Your donation will help us create …

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Signing at the Super Bowl!

Congratulations to Alexandria Wailes on being selected to perform both the National Anthem and “America the Beautiful” in ASL at this year’s Super Bowl! Alexandria is a talented Deaf actress, director, dancer, and educator. She is also a member of our SignIt ASLteam, and we are thrilled to see her selected for this honor. Learn more about her in this interview clip from SignIt ASL. < See more of Alexandria in SignIt ASL Unit 3. Read the complete NAD announcement.

New Project for the Signing Time Foundation – SignIt ASL

The Signing Time Foundation is dedicated to making sign language fun and accessible to all children. SignIt ASL is the newest project for the Signing Time Foundation. SignIt ASL is ideal for anyone with an interest in learning beginning sign language. Learn ASL vocabulary, phrases, sentences, grammar, Deaf culture, and much more! SignIt ASL Includes: fun chapter videos with voice on/off feature fingerspelling, vocabulary and sentence practice chapter quizzes with scoring and progress tracking receptive conversation practice and tests comprehensive ASL dictionary Unlike our other products SgnIt ASL is not a DVD product and is not part of our Two Little Hands Digital Subscription.  SignIt ASL Project Scope …

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