Attention Early Childhood Educators!

This month, we are running a special here at the Academy. We are inviting people who love teaching and signing to join our Signing Time Academy Instructor Team. Those who join in January will save 20% on the Instructor Kit. If you are an early childhood educator or if you own a preschool or child care center, here are a few reasons you might want to consider this opportunity:

Signing Time Preschool and Child Care Program

  • Instructor Kit includes our Preschool and Child Care Program  – a $199.99 retail value. The Signing Time Preschool Program is FULL of great resources: videos, songs, stories, activities and printables for children ages 0-5. Parent handouts and take-home activities are included as well. See a sample now.
  • You’ll get a wholesale discount on products. Need money for that playground update your facility needs? Run a fund-raiser by offering Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Potty Time and TreeSchoolers products to your families.
  • You can earn extra income by teaching Signing Time classes in your community. 

Now through January 31st, you can get all of these great benefits for $159.20 –  less than it would cost you to buy the Preschool Program alone!

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