5 things only a Signing Time Instructor or Super Fan would understand

5 things a

1. When you let the dogs out in the morning to go to the bathroom, you start singing the theme to: “It’s Potty Time!”

2. When your kids change their clothes and don’t put them in the hamper and you walk up to their room and start pointing and singing, “One sock, two socks, three socks! Look at these socks!”

3. Anytime anything in your house is exciting you start singing, “Let’s Celebrate! Let’s clap our hands!”

4. You walk your kids to school and you break out in song singing, “Strollin’, strollin’, strollin’, strollin’ down the sidewalk…”

5. You tell your kids to help you set the table, and as they begin you start singing, “Place the napkin then the fork…”

Anna Larson Kernes, Advanced Signing Time Instructor, The Signing Station, Eastvale, CA

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