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You asked for it…

For years, Signing Time fans have asked to attend or teach classes with a Signing Time-based curriculum. We are pleased to announce that the official launch of the  Signing Time Academy is just around the corner!

The Signing Time Academy will certify instructors to teach Signing Time and Baby Signing Time Classes in their communities. You can become an instructor or enjoy attending classes with other parents and children.

If you have a love for Signing Time products, a desire for all parents to benefit from Signing Time, AND you want to run your own business–get on board NOW to become one of the very first Certified Instructors. Instructors will have access to curriculums, products, discounts, tools and support for ongoing success. Instructors will have the opportunity to give valuable feedback in this initial launch and shape the future of the Academy.

If you are interested in either taking a class or becoming certified to teach classes, please sign up to receive  Signing Time Academy news at

That’s all we can say for now, but more details will be coming soon.

Since the beginning, Signing Time fans have taken it upon themselves to be our partners in sharing sign language with others. Now, with the Signing Time Academy, we can make that partnership official. Join us and invite your community to “Come sign with us!”

About the Director

Gwen Cox, Program Director
Gwen Cox, Director

We are especially excited to introduce to you the newest member of our team, Gwen Cox. As an interpreter for the Deaf for 22 years, Gwen has worked in a variety of educational venues and is fluent in American Sign Language. She spent nine years teaching sign language workshops and classes to thousands of hearing families and individuals all over the USA through her company, My Baby Signs, LLC. Gwen is also the former director of a large network of baby sign language instructors, bringing over four years experience teaching other teachers. Gwen is the mother of two grown boys. She has been using and recommending Signing Time products since the very first volume came out on VHS in 2002. She is thrilled to join the Signing Time team, and we are equally grateful to have her passion, vision, and leadership to further the Signing Time mission.

18 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Signing Time Academy”

  1. Elizabeth Bolden


    Am very excited to hear about the Signing Time Academy!! I have a 20 month old hearing child who knows about 100 signs and even signs in his sleep sometimes (when he is thinking about food in his sleep!! its hilarious)
    Next week I am starting ASL 101, then will take the 102 and continue with the 2 year Associated Degree offered in Interpreting. I learned the basics in ASL many years ago and am excited to be on this new career path towards interpreting.

    Thankyou !!

    Liz B.

  2. Hi,

    I am so excited about the Signing Time Academy! I have been waiting for something like this for a really long time. I too have taken ASL 101 and now I am almost done with ASL 102. I will continue on with my ASL classes and be ready to help others. I can’t wait to begin this program and meet new people. It’s nice to be invited.

    Thanks a bunch

    P.S. Hi Liz B

    Melinda W.

  3. Yay! Hi Gwen, glad to “see” you again, and with SigningTime! now.

    Best of luck!

    Chris (one of your former Sign2Me instructors and signing with my 16 month-old son now, too)

  4. This is such great news! I cannot wait to hear more about your academy. We have 3 sons…ages 1, 3 and 5. Our 3 year old is hearing impaired and also has Pfeiffer Syndrome. We started learning ASL when he was 4 months old through an early childhood intervention program. ASL quickly became his first language and spoken English is now his second language. He uses each communication mode together. Our first ASL teacher recommended Signing Time to us when our son was very young. We’ve been watching and using them ever since. Our other sons sign as well.

    I have been dreaming of somehow being able to teach ASL to other families in our community for quite some time. This sounds like the answer!

    Thank you so much for all you do. You’ve blessed our family tremendously.

  5. Hi Gwen!
    Congratulations from another one of your former Sign2Me instructors! Like you, I’ve been recommending Signing Time to everyone since the first video came out (which I still have, actually). Now that my kids are both in school (first grade and preschool) I’m back to interpreting. Ironically, my 2-year old is speech delayed and has some additional speech/articulation issues. Of course I taught her ASL, but she learned even more signs from the Signing Time DVDs! 🙂 Anyway…welcome to ST!! 😉
    Toni Trone
    Previously from Raleigh, NC
    (Just moved to MA)

  6. Thanks so much for the welcome! I hope to be posting more once we get everything launched. I look forward to talking with all of you once we get things rolling soon.
    Thanks again,

  7. This sounds great! When will we know when it will start? I am very interested in becoming an instructor.

  8. Keep watching…More info to come in the next Signing Time newsletter, so make sure you are subscribed.

    Also, go to and sign up there to let us know you are interested!

    Thanks for your enthusiasm. We’re as excited to get this to you as you are to receive it!


    Rebecca Overson
    Two Little Hands Productions

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