Meet our June Instructors of the Month

Congratulations to the June 2011 Signing Time Academy Instructors of the Month!
Thank you for going above and beyond.

Hedi Bright (Belmont, NH)

Joann Woolley (San Diego, CA)

Kendra Dockery (Grand Junction, CO)

Katrina Pasion (Mililani, HI)

Dixie Willwerth (Seatac, WA)

Melissa Wienke (Martinsburg, WV)

Saysha Clise (Temperance, MI)

Kristy Simons (Ontario, CAN)

Cari Dierking (Simpsonville, SC)

Lara Lee Pater (Castroville, TX)
Gaylene Heileman, Alabama

Rachel Stiening

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