Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Poll Includes Signing Time

Have you ever heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)? It is a site for movie and TV buffs to share and find information. Over 250,000,000 people visit the site each month! One popular feature is the user poll, and this week they are asking people about their favorite PBS children’s show. “Signing Time” is one of only 15 choices! We would love for you to check out the poll, vote for your favorite, and check the current standings. To vote, you’ll need to be a registered user, and registration is free. If you have time, vote in some of the other fun polls as well.
IMbd Poll
While you are at IMDb, take a look at the information about Signing Time and our other shows. You can find details about every episode — including cast and crew, plot summaries, trivia, photos, and more! Not all the information is complete, but more is being added all the time. You can rate each episode from 1-10 stars, leave reviews, and create your own favorites’ lists to share with friends.


Fun Fact: Signing Time was on Public Television for many years, but not as part of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).


Learn more about why Signing Time is no longer on Public Television on Rachel’s Blog.
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