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The crowd at the Las Vegas PBS eventI am not sure how many of you know, but Signing Time recently went to Las Vegas as part of the Las Vegas PBS “Sing and Sign” event. Rachel, LeeAnn, Tonya (associates and friends of Signing Time) and I did a couple events while we were there.

One of the first things we did the day of the event was Rachel’s early morning interview with Fox Channel 5 in Las Vegas. Rachel talked to the Ted Pretty about the benefits of teaching sign language to children and toddlers at an early age. Ted showed Rachel some signs that he was teaching his three-year old and talked about how his son didn’t throw as many tantrums. Rachel also talked about how Signing Time is an easy, fun and entertaining series meant for anyone who wants to learn sign language. Here is the video clip that is available on Fox Channel 5 Las Vegas:

Fox 5 News Clip: Show Teaches Toddlers to Talk Through Signs

Keep reading to see more footage and more pictures from our whole trip!

After Rachel was done with her interview, we all went to Lorna J. Kesterson Elementary school to pay a visit to a teacher who truly made a difference for the lives of her students. Catherine Ybarra, a teacher at KestersonRachel at Kesterson Elementary School Elementary school, began a sign language club called “Signing With Class.” We found out that the sign language club sold hot chocolate to raise money for the Signing Time Foundation that helped Rachel, Alex and Leah go to Africa to teach and instruct deaf students in Ghana. With the money they raised, as well as money raised from all around the world, Rachel and the Signing Time team was able to go to Ghana. As a thank you, we planned on going to the school to give two 30-minute presentations with signing, singing and a little interactive fun!

Rachel demonstrates 'excited'

CBS Channel 8 in Las Vegas caught up with us and did an awesome news report on the benefits of using sign language in the classroom to enhance the core curriculum. You can read and watch the program below:

CBS Channel 8 Cool at School: Signing Time

Finally, Rachel performed during the Las Vegas PBS event where I found out that over 1900 people attended!! In partnership with the Clark County Library District and Vegas PBS, Rachel performed on stage with a special guest appearance from Hopkins.

You can view more photos on the Vegas PBS website.

Rachel at the Vegas PBS event

3 thoughts on “Signing Time in Las Vegas”

  1. Brandy Vernaci

    Thank you so much for coming to Las Vegas. My daughter (1 1/2 years old) and I attended the show at the Rainbow Library. She had a fantastic time!! And so did my sisters, my niece and myself. I’ve always been interested in signing (I attended an elementary school that had a class of deaf and hard of hearing students. They were often mainstreamed into regular ed classes.) and was so excited to begin teaching my daughter sign language as soon as she was born. She loves Hopping Time, among other things, and really has picked up sooooooo many signs. It is truly amazing. I don’t ever plan on stopping her from learning new signs. And now she can help me sign with our newest daughter who is 3 months old. Thank you again!! We hope to see the show again next year. 🙂

    Brandy Vernaci

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