Signing Time was Olivia’s Motivation

We received this inspiring letter from a mom recently and had to share it with you!

Olivia has a rare genetic disorder, partial trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) & partial trisomy 10. Through a series of medical misdiagnoses when she was a tiny baby, she ended up dependent on a feeding tube. Until early this year when we attended a feeding clinic in Baltimore, she had not taken any nutrition by mouth since she was 3 months old! After surgery in June 2005 for reflux (Nissen fundoplication) and g-tube placement, she stopped eating.

After exhausting every therapy available in Denver and ignoring some well-respected professionals opinions that she would never eat by mouth, we traveled to Baltimore and completed an 8-week intensive feeding program at Kennedy Krieger Institute. They worked their magic and got Olivia eating. But, not without the help of Signing Time!

Rachel, you and your DVDs were an integral part of Olivia’s treatment. Kennedy Krieger uses a strict behavioral approach and Signing Time DVDs were her preferred activity (over every toy you can imagine). We came home in February (2011) 40% weaned and now she is 85% weaned. Thank you. I don’t know if any other toy or video would have motivated her as much as Signing Time. It provided comfort and enjoyment level so that she could overcome her fears of eating.

Olivia met Rachel and all went well!

I can’t wait to see her reaction to meeting you on Saturday! She sometimes gets overwhelmed (sensory stuff) with new situations, so I hope she does OK.

Thanks for everything you’ve done to help ALL children. You’re an inspiration.  Truly.

Best regards,
Jeanne P., Colorado

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