With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to let you know which products the Two Little Hands staff likes to give as gifts and why.

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Sing & Sign

Rachel de Azevedo Coleman, Co-owner, Writer, Producer & Star When I scripted Sing & Sign I was able to give our customers a number of things they had been asking for. People often said they would like to see me sign the entire song, without the camera cutting away. I like to think that’s because I am so engaging;) but realistically I think it’s because they wanted to see everything that I was signing. I also got asked if I would ever teach ASL grammar, and the answer is yes! In Sing & Sign there is a play option where I take you step by step through each sign in the song and I tell you what I am signing and why I am signing it that way. You will learn a lot about American Sign Language and it’s structure and nuances. I give this video to everyone who loves the songs in Signing Time and everyone who asks for “more-more-more ASL!”

Kim Laing, Wholesale Account Manager
Sing and Sign is my favorite Two Little Hands product because I love the way my girls love to dance around and sign the songs. I give it to anyone who loves to sing, sign, and dance with their kids.


Baby Signing Time Full Collection

Emilie de Azevedo Brown, Co-owner, Writer & Producer These are my favorite videos because my baby is watching them now and signing like crazy. If she is fussy, I can count on her cheering up when I put one on. My son Alex (one of the characters in Signing Time Series 1 and 2) says they are “magical.” When he babysits his sister and watches the videos with her, she is so engaged and happy. She is 12 months old and her favorite signs are: baby, more, milk, all done, dad, please, water, eat, cracker, all done, fish, sleep, book, and ball.

Erin Axson, Wholesale Account Manger The Baby Signing Time series is the one that we used first with my sweet baby boy when he was 4 months old. Watching him understand and sign along with the DVDs was magic. It is the best baby shower gift ever. Not only does baby get a wonderfully entertaining series, the whole family gets to learn along and understand what their baby has to say!

Katrina Dye, Administrative/Accounting Assistant I love Baby Signing Time because it’s fun and upbeat for infants/toddlers and keeps their attention. It’s fun to watch these DVDs with babies and watch how excited they get when you can understand what they want. I’ve also learned a lot from these DVDs and have fun with the songs 🙂 I love giving these DVDs as baby shower gifts. I recently gave them to my sister in-law who will be having my little niece in February so it will be exciting to watch as she learns ASL.

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Vol. 6 DVD: My Favorite Things

Mike Lyman, VP of Business Development My favorite video is the My Favorite Things DVD. I love that volume because for years my daughter, Madalynn, would sing and sign the colors of the rainbow song to me before going to bed. She loved that song and performed it at her school in kindergarten. Additionally, my wife taught that song to my daughter’s 1st grade class and we had a blast with it! That song and video will always be special for me! I would give this video to any child going into preschool or kindergarten because it talks about all their favorite things and colors. Perfect for kids venturing out into school for the first time!



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Preschool and Childcare Program

Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director My favorite product to give as a gift is the Preschool and Childcare Program because it meets the needs of Childcare Centers, Preschools, and Homeschools everywhere in an easy to follow method of teaching. If I had the time, I would show it to every location in the world that caters to the educational needs of children. It is a gift that is affordable and the benefits of using it are long term. (Can you tell I love it?)



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Signing Time Vol. 4-6 Gift Set

Rose Turnbow, Office Manger I love all three DVDs and the music in this set. Vol. 4 Family, Feelings & Fun teaches about the family and helps children express their feelings. Vol. 5 ABC Signs is TOTAL fun. Rachel signs at an amazing speed – take the challenge to keep up with her. Not only do you learn the entire alphabet, but also the signs for how to count to 10, AND for each letter, you learn two additional signs that go along with the letter. However, I do have to say my favorite of all three is Vol. 6 My Favorite Things. The Rainbow Song is the best! In this DVD you learn colors, food, and movement – so practical for signing everyday. I love to give them to my grandchildren. What fun we have watching Signing Time, practicing together, and communicating before words can be said. We enjoy playing the CDs in the car and singing and signing along.

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Story Time

LeeAnn Mason, Administrative Assistant My personal favorite product to use for a gift is Story Time, I enjoy the original stories as well as the word going across the screen so the child can read along with Rachel. This is the perfect gift for teachers, family members, and friends.