After Baby Signing Time, then what?

Many parents wonder what to do after their child has learned all the signs in the Baby Signing Time series. For me, that answer is easy.

With my oldest daughter, we started with Signing Time Volumes 1-3 because that is all that was available! We waited for each new volume and introduced them to her as quickly as they were released. Volumes 4-6 were released shortly after my second daughter was born. Then in 2005, I was lucky enough to start working for Two Little Hands Productions. I ran a signing playgroup that got invited to be part of the filming of Volumes 7-9, so those quickly became my daughters’ favorites because they knew the kids in the DVDs!

A few years later, we were blessed with a son. With him, we started with Baby Signing Time. However, we also show him Signing Time, Practice Time and Story Time videos. He is 2 1/2 now and asks for the DVDs by name. His current favorites are Baby Signing Time Vol. 4: Let’s Be Friends, Signing Time Vol. 9: Zoo Train,  and Signing Time Vol. 5: ABC Signs. It is so fun to watch him sign his ABCs. Last week he was signing them in his sleep, but by the time I got the video camera out and set up, he was awake.


So when parents ask me what DVD to buy after Baby Signing Time, my answer is “any of them!” My family started out using the series sequentially, but we’ve experienced just as much fun using all of the  Baby Signing Time, Signing Time, Practice Time and Story Time videos at once, in no particular order.

So now that you know what my experience is, let me share with you what others do. Many parents move from Baby Signing Time right into the Signing Time Volumes 1-3, which have most of the same signs that are featured in the Baby Signing Time series, but are an excellent sign review. Some parents skip those videos and jump in at Vol. 4: Family, Feelings and Fun. No matter where you start, you’ll enjoy Series 1, which ends with Vol. 13: Welcome to School. From there you can introduce Sing & Sign, Practice Time, Story Time and Signing Time Series Two.

There is no wrong way to keep teaching your children ASL vocabulary. The most important part is sharing that time with your child and learning new ways to communicate.

Watch the clip of Sam signing along as he watches Volume 9 Zoo Train.


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  1. We used on Baby Signing Time video back in 2007, but my daughter picked up the signs so quickly that we just went to Signing Time Vol. 1-3. I then started buying them out of order depending on what she was currently learning in SPED preschool. Then in Kindergarten I started to order them in order until she struggled to learn calendar terms and concepts and continued to be challenged with the “wh” questions.

    My daughter is a visual-spatial learner so I jumped to Series Two and ordered “Days of the Week” & “Who Has the Frog?”. Not only did she quickly pick up the concepts through signs, but she was finally able to meet all her IEP goals and graduated from SPED and Speech.

    These videos reach a very wide range of audiences and special needs. Just an amazing product.

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