The Road Less Traveled…Ouch!

By Derek Brown – AKA Alex’s dad, Leah’s Uncle   I chose to run a half marathon because I am in fantastic shape, I knew it would be easy, and I thought it would be a pleasurable experience.  Well, not really.  Actually, I chose to do it because my 11-year-old, Alex, decided to do it and asked me if I was up to doing it   with him.  What would you do? Now, just a bit of friendly advice here:  if you are going to run a half marathon, there is the way to do it, and then, of course, there …

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Are You “Just-a-Mom”?

“Mother dear, I love you so,

Your happy smiling face

Is such a joy to look at,

It makes home a lovely place”

This was a song I sang many years ago as little girl in Jr. Sunday School. Our mothers wore corsages, got a long-stemmed carnation or a little plant from the church, and had either had breakfast in bed prepared by the children with help from Father, or went out after church services to a nice place for lunch.

I am a Baby-Boomer, born in the post-World War II years between 1946 and 1956.

Signing Time Academy Instructor in the News

Megan McWilliams, a certified Signing Time Instructor, who uses American Sign Language to present stories, songs and vocabulary activities at the Norfolk Public Library was recently featured in the Norfork Daily News. Megan started signing nine years ago with her oldest daughter. She states, “After all, children use sign language before they talk.” Read the Norfork Daily News Article Find an Instructor Near You Interested in becoming a Signing Time Academy Instructor? Join our team for a LIVE Q & A to learn more about owning your own business, teaching classes, and selling our products. Choose from: Wednesday, February 7, 2018 …

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Spelling and Signing: How ASL helps with homework

Our first experience with using the manual alphabet with spelling was when our oldest daughter was in second grade. Her teacher was fluent in ASL and he would use signs in the classroom to enrich his teaching. Each week he would have the students practice their spelling words by using the manual alphabet to decode each one (try it now). Then they would finger spell each word. This was one of our daughter’s favorite homework assignments! When we discovered that our second daughter had a speech problem, we included the use of ASL in her Individual Education Plan (IEP). It …

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What’s Your Sign?

Originally on The Dadventurist 2/9/2017 published with permission Tilley reaches her chubby little arm up into the air, stretches out her fingers, then balls them up into a fist and repeats. My wife and I leap from our seats, after months of practice, Tilley has thrown up here first sign, and its ‘Milk’. Even before we had our first daughter my wife and I agreed that learning two languages is a great exercise for kids. Not only does it give them an extra skill but helps them with adaptive thinking. There was just one problem, neither of us was fluent in any …

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Dorm Sweet Dorm

by Leah Coleman When I was packing up for college last fall, my mom came in my room and said that she had booked the plane tickets. “Tickets?” I asked, and then she told me she was coming with me. I was relieved, because I had completely assumed I was going to go on my own. We still laugh about it today. She had asked, “How on earth were you going to get to campus? A taxi?” “Yes, that was my plan!” I told her.  I’ve always been a little independent. Dorm life at RIT brought some new changes in my …

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Rethinking Screen Time

  “The American Academy of Pediatrics is reviewing media guidelines in the era of iPads and educational apps, acknowledging that no screen time before age 2 and the two-hour limit for older children may be outdated.” Wall Street Journal’s Sumathi Reddy explains on Lunch Break With Tanya Rivero.   In an article by Sumathi Reddy in the Wall Street Journal on October 12th, 2015 it reads: In a nod to the changing nature of digital media and technology, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced this month that it is starting the process of revising its ironclad guidelines for children and …

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Baby Signing Time Cast – Where are they now? Filming for Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

On August 9th, three of our Baby Signing Time cast members attended the Signing Time Live Concert in Austin, Texas. Rachel brought them on stage with her and they signed along with her to “The Pets I Love”. We thought it would be fun to check in with them and their families to see where they are now. Hopkins, Cameron, Rachel, Caitlyn, and Anyka – Austin, TX Concert, 2014 Meet Anyka Anyka was born with a cleft palate and a very small jaw. She required a tracheotomy at one month old and required a series of facial surgeries. There was …

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It’s Signing Time! Teaching ASL Signs for School

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C   For Teachers: Research shows that when your students’ hands are moving, their minds are learning! This activity will help you teach ASL signs related to school. Review the school signs with your class. Learn them by watching Volume 13: Welcome to School or by printing these School Signs Flash Cards. Say and sign the poem “This is Our Teacher” from the Signing Time Classroom Edition. This is a great activity for the beginning of the day. This is our TEACHER This is our SCHOOL This is our CLASS Our CLASS is cool! We are the STUDENTS Who come here …

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Hand-y Craft: Heart Keepsake

Create and Sharing Create a beautiful keepsake with your hands and fingerprints. Download directions Download Signing Time Valentines Download Hopkins Valentines Download more Hand-y Crafts    

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