Frisco Public Library using Signing Time to promote early literacy

Interview with Bonnie Barber, Youth Services Librarian, Frisco Public Library, Frisco, Texas

How did Frisco Public Library start using Signing Time?
Several years ago, as part of our ongoing efforts to promote early literacy and provide parents and caregivers with as many tools as possible, we began buying copies of Signing Time DVDs for check out. They were so popular that we added Signing Time music to our collection, too.


How else has Signing Time played a part in what your library offers?
A toddler and his mom sign at the Frisco Public Library in TexasSigning in general has always been a vital part of our story times for babies (Babies & Books) and a communication and early literacy tool we are passionate about sharing with parents and caregivers. In 2011 we decided to extend signing into our programs for toddlers as well (Toddler Time). In doing so we found Signing Time to be the perfect partner in bringing ASL to our story time visitors. We extend the learning process for parents and caregivers by providing tips and signing resources at on our blog.

Can you tell us about how you use our Sign of the Week feature?
Thanks to the generous permission granted by Two Little Hands Productions, we use Sign of the Week images to introduce one or two new ASL signs to our Toddler Time visitors. After we learn the signs, we practice them with a simple song. For example, this week’s signs are “CAR” and “TRAIN” and we’ll practice with this song from the Signing Time Preschool & Childcare Program:

Frisco Public Library presentation

(Tune: Wheels on the Bus)

The CARS on the road go zoom, zoom, zoom,
Zoom, zoom, zoom, Zoom, zoom, zoom,
The CARS on the road go zoom, zoom, zoom,
All day long!

The TRAIN on the track goes choo-choo-choo…

What has the response been to incorporating Signing Time elements into your Toddler Times?
Our Toddler Time visitors have really taken to signing! We are all amazed at how quickly kids and adults alike are picking it up. Parents are frequently asking us questions about signing or telling us how much they are enjoying communicating with their children this way. All of us—visitors and staff—are having fun with it!

We understand Frisco Public Library has an
Early Literacy Workshop for parents and childcare professionals coming up. Will signing be a part of that workshop?Frisco Public Library
Definitely! During the workshop we will discuss the many benefits of teaching ASL to young children and of course we will teach our workshop attendees some signs. In addition, we will send them home with several Sign of the Week images to practice.  We’ll also encourage them to visit to learn even more about using ASL with young children.


If you would like your library to offer events that support early literacy, contact your local Certified Signing Time Academy Instructor.

Signing Time Academy Instructors

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