Hands of Love, Hands of Glass

I wanted to share the talents of one of our Signing Time fans with all of you. Daily we receive wonderful stories, testimonials and thank yous from people around the globe. We love your support and love to hear how Signing Time has made a difference in your life and in your family. Most often the stories come from mothers or grandmothers or professionals that use Signing Time in their professions. There are few opportunities to read about a dad (like myself) who shares the impact of sign language with us. The following quote and story is from Ed S. in Washington state. He writes,

Glass ASL Hands

I am a glass artist, author and instructor (of glassblowing), and I wanted to make a public art piece for our local hospital as a thank you gift to them, (they helped with my wifes hip replacement surgery a year ago).

I have been sculpting hands out of hot glass ever since my daughter was born (I loved the way she had little dimples where her knuckles should be!).

So I thought it would pretty cool to do the ASL alphabet out of blue and white molten glass.
So this past fall while I was teaching at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina I managed to make all 26 letters.

I thank you all for the invaluable service and commitment you have made to educating people about the value of communication
and how successful signing can be. Keep up the good work, (and yes we know it is HARD…but it is always an adventure and
humbly unpredictable!).

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the ASL hands that Ed sculpted and thank him for sharing with us and all of you his story and talent of how signing with his children has made a difference in his life.

If you haven’t seen our complete listing of testimonials I recommend looking at our testmonial map or testimonial list to see the hundreds of testimonials about Signing Time. Also you can submit your testimonial and share your story with the world about how signing has made a difference in your life.

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