Signing Time launches iPhone App

Signing Time iPhone Application

We’ve been hard at work creating new ways to learn with Signing Time. Late last week we launched our first iPhone application. The application uses our flashcards and short video clips to teach basic ASL vocabulary. The iPhone app contains all the signs from our first two Signing Time DVDs My First Signs and Playtime Signs. Click the App Store button below to view and purchase the application in iTunes.
Signing Time on the App Store

The application will work on any iPhone and also iPod touch. The first section is dedicated to the flashcards. The front side of each flashcard has cute and vibrant images of the word. To learn the ASL sign simply tap the flashcard and the back of the flashcard will show Rachel signing the ASL sign as well as an explanation of how to make the sign.


The best feature (in my opinion) is the watch button on each flash card that is found in the upper right corner of the screen. Each flash card has a 3-10 second video clip from the DVD of Rachel teaching the sign. The video is crystal clear and perfect for showing exactly how to make the sign! My kids absolutely love the little video clips and surfing through the flashcards to find their favorite sign.

From the main menu you can find a sign through the alphabetical list or by using the search function. Once you’ve mastered your signs you can head to the challenge section of the application. In the challenge section the sign from the flashcard will be displayed (without word hints) and you will be prompted with four different answers to choose from. Track your progress and keep record of how many signs you know.

Last is the video section of the Signing Time application where you will find a list of all the sign videos plus three full-legnth music videos from the DVDs. These music videos were by far the biggest hit with my kids. The sound and video are superb!

To easily access these songs, signs and flashcards without needing a DVD player is perfect for my kids and for me. Whether on a quick trip to the grocery store or waiting in line at the doctor’s office, now Signing Time and learning ASL is right at your finger tips!

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  1. I am loving this app for my iPhone! When William has doctor’s appointments, I bring a portable dvd player and Signing Time dvds along to keep him occupied while we wait. I’ve also brought dvds along when I’m traveling by air or train so I can show people how wonderful Signing Time is and how easy it is to learn ASL. Now I can leave those at home and just whip out my iPhone!

    William loves the app and it’s easy for him to manuever the screen and choose what he wants to do. He loves the challenge and is so pleased when he is right, which is most of the time.

    I love that there are videos to reinforce the flash cards, and the quality of the video is awesome. The music videos on the app are great, especially since I get to see Rachel signing the entire song so I can pick up on the signs I didn’t know.

    I can’t wait for more of the series to become available. Thank you to everyone at Signing Time for making this available.

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  5. What about an application for the Blackberry, esp the Storm?! My whole family loves Signing Time & my daughter has even filmed for Baby Signing Time. My kids would love to be able to do all that you offer on the Apple system for my phone. They listen to the songs now that I have purchased on CD on my phone.

  6. This app is the best $5 I have ever spent! My daughter (18 months) loves Signing Times. She’d watch it all day long if we let her. Her favorite part of the app are the music videos. Once I start a video she is now able to keep playing the videos. She thinks my iphone is only good for one thing and that is to play Signing Times. Every time I pull out my phone she starts signing “time” for Signing Time.

  7. I totally agree with Melissa. I have two daughters (ages 3 and 4) that love my iPhone as much as I do, yet for very different reasons. For them it is access to Signing Time stuff. Just the other night I sat with my 3 yr-old and she flipped through every flashcard and said, “Dad, baby” and then she would do the sign and then watch Rachel do the sign as well. My 4 yr-old loves the videos more then anything else. Simply great!

  8. im with machelle need one for smart phones there are more smart phones then there are iphones please make one for us my kids can’t get enough of signing time. If do make one please let me know right away. Thank you โ€ฆ..

  9. Question – do you have plans to possibly add signs from other volumes of Signing Time in the future for an “upgrade” or expansion? Sounds great! Now I just need an iphone or ipod Touch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I absolutly LOVE my signing time videos and so does my little girl! I was first introduced to them while working with mentally and physically challenged individuals and I was sold from then on out! I began playing them for my daughter from birth and now she is 20 months and is totally hooked! My only request would be that the videos be available to buy on Itunes as well, it can be a pain to have to transport videos to the babysitters every day, I would rather just be able to load them to my ipod and have them all for her to have some variety!
    P.S. It is one of the cutest things I have ever seen watching my daughters little hands make the signs, I can’t get enough!!!

  11. How baby loves the signing time videos… they are a life saver for car drives… we want MORE videos! Please release more signing time videos for iPhone.

  12. I am jealous–don’t have an iphone but would love an app for web os (Palm)!!

    LOVE Signing time and appreciate all you do!

  13. Another vote for an Android version–also, something that could expand vocabulary dramatically beyond the 1st two DVDs would be great–perhaps you could add a code to each DVD that “unlocked” and downloaded the new vocabulary for that DVD?

  14. I also want to see an app for android! My toddler loves signing time! We can’t get enough!

  15. Please make an app for Android phones!!!! People have been asking for almost 2 years for it!

  16. I would love this for the Ipad. my daughter is learning to use the I Pad to communicate with people who refuse to learn sign language, but maybe she could use it to teach them some signing!

  17. I would love to have the signing time videos for iPad instead of buying the DVD. Any chance you are going to do that?

  18. please bring out the android app! how perfect! we started with signing times back in 2007 and would love this!

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