Signing Time iPhone Application

We’ve been hard at work creating new ways to learn with Signing Time. Late last week we launched our first iPhone application. The application uses our flashcards and short video clips to teach basic ASL vocabulary. The iPhone app contains all the signs from our first two Signing Time DVDs My First Signs and Playtime Signs. Click the App Store button below to view and purchase the application in iTunes.
Signing Time on the App Store

The application will work on any iPhone and also iPod touch. The first section is dedicated to the flashcards. The front side of each flashcard has cute and vibrant images of the word. To learn the ASL sign simply tap the flashcard and the back of the flashcard will show Rachel signing the ASL sign as well as an explanation of how to make the sign.


The best feature (in my opinion) is the watch button on each flash card that is found in the upper right corner of the screen. Each flash card has a 3-10 second video clip from the DVD of Rachel teaching the sign. The video is crystal clear and perfect for showing exactly how to make the sign! My kids absolutely love the little video clips and surfing through the flashcards to find their favorite sign.

From the main menu you can find a sign through the alphabetical list or by using the search function. Once you’ve mastered your signs you can head to the challenge section of the application. In the challenge section the sign from the flashcard will be displayed (without word hints) and you will be prompted with four different answers to choose from. Track your progress and keep record of how many signs you know.

Last is the video section of the Signing Time application where you will find a list of all the sign videos plus three full-legnth music videos from the DVDs. These music videos were by far the biggest hit with my kids. The sound and video are superb!

To easily access these songs, signs and flashcards without needing a DVD player is perfect for my kids and for me. Whether on a quick trip to the grocery store or waiting in line at the doctor’s office, now Signing Time and learning ASL is right at your finger tips!