Signing Time Academy: Meet the Winter DREAM TEAM!

by Gwen Cox, Signing Time Academy Director

In the summer of 1992 in Barcelona, Spain, 12 men from the United States formed the US Olympic Basketball “Dream Team” and took home the Gold.  What many people don’t realize is that the US Women’s Olympic Basketball Team also took home a medal of their own – a shiny Bronze. Together with the men, they complete the 24-member “Dream Team” that went to Spain to compete for the United States.

Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics has passed, I decided to bring this theme of champions to the Signing Time Academy! I’d like to introduce you to our very own “Winter Dream Team.”  These 24 men and women have demonstrated great skills in the area of teaching families and professionals how to use ASL signs for early communication and bonding.  They are also among the first to become Instructors in the Signing Time Academy.  Their determination and vision of teaching families from the onset has set them apart.  Even though I see all our Instructors as one big Dream Team, these 24 are truly pioneers in their communities.

Anyone can pick up a book and try to learn how to sign.  It takes a true professional to take the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time products and show families how to maximize their use for the greatest benefit.  We have hundreds of testimonials about the powerful results of using Signing Time and Baby Signing Time products in the home and now we have expanded that benefit to include training for adults and children wanting to learn how to get started.  Sharing results and fun experiences with other families in the classroom has proven to be a “gold medal winner” idea!

We invite all families and professionals to come and visit the Academy and contact a professional Instructor in their area.  Our Instructors are the best team-players and we give them all a perfect “10” for their dedication and passion for teaching.

Please get to know our Winter Dream Team.  Take a moment and contact an Instructor in your area and ask about their classes for families.  Like the Olympics, it will be an experience you will never forget!

  1. Amanda Paxton – Master Signing Time Instructor-Port St. Lucie, Florida
  2. Angela Chang – Baby Signing Time Instructor-Xi zhi, Taiwan
  3. April Salisbury – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Athol, Massachusetts
  4. Danielle Gaylord  –  Master Signing Time Instructor – Ottawa, Ontario – Canada
  5. Emily Vasica  –  Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Herriman, Utah
  6. Erika Vetter  –  Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Menlo Park, California
  7. Ginger Cleveland  –  Baby Signing Time Instructor – Grand Prairie, Texas
  8. Gloria Rojas  –  Master Signing Time Instructor – Buffalo Grove, Illinois
  9. James MacCall – Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Janelle St. Martin – Master Signing Time Instructor – Bridgeport, West Virginia
  11. Jessica Holland – Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Edmond, Oklahoma
  12. Kenisha Groomes Faulk – Baby Signing Time Instructor – New York
  13. Maren Berry – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Corona, California
  14. Margot Holmes – Advanced Signing Time Instructor – Sharon, Vermont
  15. Melisa Mons – Master Signing Time Instructor – Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
  16. Michele Erickson – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Oakland, New Jersey
  17. Monta Briant – Advanced Signing Time Instructor – San Diego, California
  18. Patricia Thompson – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Sanford, North Carolina
  19. Ramona Snyder – Baby Signing Time Instructor – San Jose, California
  20. Randy Lee – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Provo, Utah
  21. Shala LaMothe  – Master Signing Time Instructor – Fayetteville, North Carolina
  22. Stephanie Behunin – Baby Signing Time Instructor – Brookland, Arkansas
  23. Suzanne Robinson – Master Signing Time Instructor – Rutledge, Tennessee
  24. Teresa Litman – Master Signing Time Instructor – Longmont, Colorado

And, as a side note, we want to thank the Dream Team “Coaches” that have helped this team and all the members at the Academy to become the best they can be.   Rebecca Overson and LeeAnn Mason are both Instructors and staff members at Two Little Hands Productions and have helped all of the Instructors at the Academy excel by creating resources that will help the Instructors to help all of the families in their areas.  Gold medals go out to these two ladies for all their help!

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  1. That is so awesome!!! I hope to start the classes to be an instructor soon. Ya’ll are so encouraging…Thank you! 🙂

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