By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C


As we head into the home stretch of the Rachel and the TreeSchoolers Kickstarter campaign, we thought you might enjoy a little sneak peek. Here are a few snippits from the Episodes 2 and 3 Activity Guides. Each Guide features detailed lesson plans and activities to reinforce the concepts taught in each episode – perfect for families and schools alike. We hope you have as much fun doing the activities as we had creating them!

Episode 2: Grow Plants, Grow!


Activity: Ask an Expert!

Purpose: In this episode, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers show that they can ask an expert when they want to learn something new. In this activity, your child will explore how plants grow by asking some questions of an expert at a plant nursery. Parent support during this activity builds vocabulary and supports social skills.

Objective: Child will visit a local nursery and ask three pre-determined questions about plants from an expert who works there.


  • Three pre-determined questions about plants that your child can ask
  • A designated place with a plant expert. To find one, search for local farms or greenhouses where plants are grown. Try to find small and local if you can, otherwise consider perhaps a home-improvement store that also has a green house. Try to choose one where there is likely to be a plant expert, and not just a general employee. If someone in the family or in the neighborhood is an expert gardener, your child might ask them as well.


  1. After viewing Grow Plant, Grow, sit down with your child and start wondering together!
  2. Ask your child what they wonder about plants and record at least three of their questions on the worksheet provided.
  3. Have your child practice asking you the questions so they are confident and ready when they “ask the expert”.
  4. Take your child to the designated expert and support them as they ask their questions.
  5. Consider snapping a few pictures of the interview and bringing home some seeds or a small plant from the grower to commemorate your visit.


Episode 3: Incredible Insects




What can you do when you’re small? In Incredible Insects, Hue the firefly feels sad because he is very small. Sometimes children can feel that way as well! Have a chat with them about all the great things you can do when you’re small! (Fit in a parent’s lap, go down a narrow slide, curl up in a ball, retrieve something from a small space (like keys falling between the seats of the car, etc.)
Remember what Rachel told Hue: “Hue, just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t do great things! Sometimes the small things are the ones that make the biggest difference.”


Move like a bug – Hop, creep, crawl, fly: Play a creative movement game with your child where they (and maybe you!) move around like the bugs in Incredible Insects. Practice hopping, creeping, crawling, and “flying” in a variety of ways.


If I were a bug: Ask your child to imagine what they would do if they were to become a bug. Talk together about what sort of grand adventures might be had. Have your child create a picture of himself or herself the size of a bug. Discuss how small things like grass might look like tall poles.


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