The Cast of Signing Time Runs a Half Marathon!

Rachel and Lucy on the course

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of some of the awesome happenings around here, and particularly in the life of Rachel Coleman, co-creator and host of Signing Time. (Subscribe to Rachel’s blog if you haven’t already!)

On March 13th, Rachel posted a blog entry entitled Run With Your Life, where she announced that she, her husband Aaron, and their daughter Leah (yep, that’s Leah from Signing Time!) were training to run the Salt Lake Half Marathon.

On April 13th, 2010 Rachel posted Run With Your Life: Part 2 – No Exceptions, where she announced to everyone’s surprise that 9-year-old Lucy had been granted a “stroller exception” and would be able to join them for the Salt Lake Half Marathon.

On April 14th, an article by Bill Oram was published in The Salt Lake Tribune entitled ‘Team Lucy’ will push 9-year-old with spina bifida in SLC half-marathon”. On April 17th was the big day. Rachel, Aaron, Leah and Lucy Coleman, 11-year-0ld Alex Brown (Leah’s cousin and co-star) and Alex’s dad, Derek Brown, along with several friends and Signing Time fans completed the Salt Lake Half Marathon as “Team Coleman” with their motto pinned to their backs: STRONG ENOUGH.

By the way…Leah, who is now 13 years old, was wearing a running headband bearing the following words: “Some girls chase boys… I just pass ’em.”

Rachel’s sister, Rebecca Overson, jumped up on the announcer’s platform near the finish line and told thousands of cheering fans the Coleman Family’s remarkable story. Strangers, fans and friends cheered for Team Coleman along the course and up the final stretch to the finish line. Even Hopkins was there to cheer them on!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. Congratulations, Team Coleman!

Lucy and Aaron

Alex and Leah
Alex and Leah
Team Coleman "Strong Enough" Bib

Hopkins and LeeAnn Mason (Original SuperFan and one of our employees!) at the Finish Line

Part of Team Coleman at Gateway
Part of Team Coleman at the Finish Line

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