This post is by Joanna Smith of Surprise, AZ and is part of our Making a Difference series.

My family and I went to a Harlem Globetrotters game the other weekend in Phoenix.  At the end of the game we went down to meet the players.  I saw a mom and her approx. 8 year old boy signing to each other (way faster than I could even understand).  It appeared that they were both deaf.  I pointed them out to my 12 year old daughter (who learned to sign from Signing Time over the past four years).   I told her to go sign to him.  She was immediately nervous, but when I pointed out that she knew how to sign, “Did you like the basketball game?”, she wanted to try it out. She approached him and got his attention from a little ways away.

She signed to him,  “Did you like the basketball game?”
He looked completely shocked and signed back, “Yes.”
“Me too!”
she replied.

The mom saw him sign to someone else and turned around to see who it was.  I smiled and waved at her and we left.   My daughter and I were so excited from this experience.  She had just had a conversation (brief as it was) with a stranger in a foreign language.  He probably didn’t even know about Signing Time.  It was a great witness to me that what I have been teaching my children for the past four years is a REAL LANGUAGE!!!

Due to our experience with Signing Time, an opportunity was created for my daughter to “talk” with someone with her hands.  It was AWESOME!!  There is a deaf lady that works as Target in our town.  I want to take all of my kids there to practice their signing with her.  I bet she would love it.

Joanna received a $25 Signing Time Gift Card for sharing her story.
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