Thank You for Sign It ASL!

We found out my son was deaf in his right ear when he finally graduated from the NICU at our children’s hospital when he was three months old. We decided then and there to learn as much as we could of sign language and give Finn every opportunity. I discovered quickly that our local resources for learning ASL were fairly limited. I checked out every video and book I could find at the library, bought a few Signing Time DVDs, and hunted online for free lessons to expand our vocabulary. Because of my son’s multiple strokes in the first week of his life, Finn is also non-verbal. BUT as we near his third birthday, I can proudly say Finn says so much with his hands. He’s exceptionally happy when he signs something to us and we understand him.

Family Photo

Having Sign It ASL available to our family has allowed us to learn and practice more so we can help Finn expand the number of signs he knows. Cutting down on his communication frustration has been key to day-to-day life! Anyone who doesn’t think a small child can learn sign language hasn’t met Finn. We use Sign It ASL during our homeschool lessons with my daughter who is now in first grade and Finn sits right beside us laughing and trying to imitate everything on the screen. We truly appreciate the opportunity to have been given a scholarship and empower Finn with the gift of language using his beautiful hands.

Every little kid deserves to be understood and included in the world around him. Finn is a mighty warrior and I owe him everything by learning to sign so he can tell me when he’s upset, happy or just in need of a treat. Thank you, thank you, thank you for granting us the opportunity to use SignIt! is a fun online course. Find out how you can start learning today, too!

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