Where to Buy Baby Signing Time

Are you looking for the best place to buy Baby Signing Time? We have three great ways to purchase our baby sign language videos.

1) MySigningTime.com

You can buy the Complete Baby Signing Time Digital Library at MySigningTime.com for $69.99. The Baby Signing Time Complete Library includes:

  • Ep. 1: It’s Baby Signing Time – Video + Music MP3s + eBook
  • Ep. 2: Here I Go – Video + Music MP3s + eBook
  • Ep. 3: A New Day – Video + Music MP3s + eBook
  • Ep. 4: Let’s Be Friends – Video + Music MP3s + eBook
  • Signing Time Nursery Rhymes – Video + MP3s
  • Goodnight Baby Lullabies – Music MP3s
  • Baby Signing Time Parent Guide – Video
  • Baby Signing Time Parent Guide – eBook PDF
  • Sign Guide: Early Childhood- eBook PDF
  • Sign Guide: Early Literacy- eBook PDF

Baby Signing Time Digital Collection


2) Official Amazon Store

In our Signing Time Official Amazon Store you can buy the Baby Signing Time Complete DVD Collection or you can purchase them individually.

Baby Signing Time DVD Collection

3) Signing Time Academy Instructors

The Signing Time Academy is the educational division of Two Little Hands Productions. Our Instructors offer parent workshops, baby sign language classes, teacher training, free presentations. Many of our Instructors have Baby Signing Time products for sale. Find an Instructor near you.

Signing Time Academy Instructors

Get the Best Value with a MySigningTime.com monthly Subscription!

What do I get?

  1. 14-day free trial.
  2. Unlimited streaming and download access to hundreds of award-winning videos, music and eBooks!
  3. Includes Baby Signing TimePotty Timeall Signing Time videos, the complete Rachel & the TreeSchoolers series, and our newest show, Rachel & Me!
  4. Watch on all your favorite devices—laptops, tablets, smartTVs, smartphones, Roku or PlayStation!
  5. Includes all chapters and bonus features from the DVDs.
  6. New videos are added to your subscription automatically.


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