Lovers Gonna Love – Why People Choose Signing Time

Rachel shared the following on Facebook on August 15th:

Feeling especially grateful for our Signing Time families and friends.
We are able to do what we love, because there are so many people who love us! (That’s where I choose to focus.)
Families who love Signing Time, love Signing Time. ❤️
Families who love Sign It ASL, love Sign It ASL. ❤️
AND… I love what I do because of YOU!
#dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo


We thought it would be fun to share why YOU our Signing Time Families love us from some of the many messages, emails, and testimonials we have received over the years.

We love Rachel, Alex, Leah, & Hopkins! Tegan, my special needs 11 yo, is finally getting this whole set for his 12th birthday this year. We’ve been watching these DVDs (and Vol 2 & Baby Signing Time) since he was less than 1 yo. He knows all the songs! Even though he doesn’t sign too well because he does not have full use of coordinated body movements, these DVD’s have helped him learn language – and even how to read. And he understands our signs that we’ve learned. His favorites that he can sign are night-night, more, all done. We’ve watched these DVDs from the library over and over again. We can finally skip the overdue and lost DVD charges (that we eventually buy, then find again!) and have our very own copy. Worth every bit! Thanks, Rachel, for being a part of our family and for the gift you’ve brought to Tegan to learn how to speak and understand language. Would be fun for him to meet you someday for real!

Tegan’s grateful Mom

Rachel, I wanted to thank you for your example! Your video “one deaf child” helped me so very much! We found out our baby was deaf when he was a month old. I took it really hard and was very emotional for the next two months. Then one day I came across your video and you literally pulled me up out of a dark hole! It was a turning point for me. I was over the sadness and had a hopeful future. Thank you so much for sharing your story! My son is almost 5 months old now and we are busy learning sign language! I’m loving your Sign It program! I was familiar with your signing time program as I had a couple of DVDs for my older kids that we had used when they were little. I was really glad that I had that experience signing with them and seeing how well it worked! That did give me hope! The day we got his diagnosis I came home and ordered the entire series! So my older boys have been learning more from them. But I’m really enjoying Sign It! So thank you so very much for introducing me to sign language and for giving me hope for my deaf baby!


Dear Rachel,
Many, many thanks to you and your family for taking Leah’s deafness, with all its challenges, and turning it into a great opportunity. It must have been so very hard on you and your husband at times to just keep up with daily routines, especially after Lucy’s birth, and I commend and admire you for all your work. What creative spirits! The love you have in your hearts can be seen in the way you interact with your children at the end of a few of your episodes.
We have a 27-month old son, Scott, whom I have been signing with since he was 10 months old. The usual stories: it was amazing how he responded, asking for ‘more, more, more’, signing ‘car’, etc., and simply enjoying his preverbal expressions. Now, we are still watching ‘Signing Time’ as a treat and he talks about Leah and Alex often. Wish we could meet! 🙂 Hugs to you and all your little stars, especially Leah and Lucy, of course.


I truly believe that ASL should be used in EVERY early education program, as well as every household. The benefits to both hearing and deaf children are just amazing and thank goodness we have Rachel Coleman and Signing Time to make it fun, enjoyable, and accessible to all. #wewillnotstopsigning

It is also fun to find out that there are Celebrities signing along with us!

On August 28 at 9:13am Rachel shared the following post:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.09.03 PM

In 2012 Superaatural Actors Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins also sang the Baby Signing Time Theme Song.


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