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Let’s Make It Happen!

Do you know? We sent out over 800 autographed Signing Time Sentences Ep. 1 DVDs! Who did they go to? They went to Kickstarter backers. And YOU have the opportunity to reserve yours now. Become a Backer Now Haven’t seen Sentences Ep. 1 yet?

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What is Alex Brown up to?

Alex Brown has grown up on-screen in front of our eyes, beginning as a toddler in Signing Time – My First Signs, an older kid in Series Two, and now a teenager in Signing Time Christmas and, most recently, Signing Time Sentences

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Snow Day Activity: Make a Feelings Signs Flip Book!

How to make your Feelings Flip Book Print and cut out Feelings Flip-Book pages. Cut card stock in half to make your flip book pages. Pick a flash card, learn the sign. Draw or find a picture that shows the feeling of the sign. Glue the picture and

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