Safe Halloween Family Fun

How to Be Safe This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching with its pumpkins, costumes, candy, and fun! As we plan for our fun, it’s also important to plan for our kids’ safety.  And while safety is always something we consider for Halloween activities, 2020 requires that we add an additional level of safety to our Halloween fun. Let’s look at how we can have fun and be safe this Halloween. Standard Halloween Safety Tips There are several safety tips that are always part of our Halloween activities.  We know that children should wear something bright and reflective or carry a glow stick or flashlight. Parents should …

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healthy drug free kids

Red Ribbon Week Celebrates a Healthy, Drug-Free Life

The wearing of a red ribbon can represent different causes. During October 23-31 each year, it is dedicated to awareness efforts to keep kids drug-free.   We don’t really like to think about substance abuse, especially in reference to our children. However, our discomfort with the subject does not change its reality.  Substance abuse can affect every segment of the community. It can pop up in any age group.  While it tends to be associated with only certain types of communities, the truth is that it affects all communities.  And yes, it can reach our kids. Red Ribbon Week is about …

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Signing Time Family Testimonial: Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko

We Did Not Realize How Critical Signing Would Be

One of the most beautiful and unexpected gifts of Signing Time is getting to know the community of remarkable families that embrace our programs and enrich our communities. Today, we are excited to introduce you to one of those families. This Canadian family is no stranger to adventure. Two moms, two boys and tons of fun. Follow as they share their limitless outbound activities from hikes to horse back riding on their Instagram @downwithjaxandniko.  Meet Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko! “Hi! We are Holly and Alex, a 2 mommy family! We live in Canada along with our 2 perfect boys …

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Smart Screen Time

Tips for Balancing Your Kids’ Screen Time

So much of our world depends on screen usage. We work on screens, use them for entertainment, and now we rely on them for much of our communication.  We know that some research tells us that our kids shouldn’t be watching so much. But research from the American Academy of Pediatrics also suggests that well designed and monitored interactions can improve cognitive, literacy, and social outcomes for children. With work and school and meetings and communication each coming through a screen, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance our screen time.  How do we guide our kids in balancing their screen …

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Programs to watch with your children

New Shows You Need to Watch with Your Kids this October

Did you know that My Signing Time routinely adds new shows? We know you want quality, safe, commercial free programming that will help you and your children connect, learn, and grow. Our team curates content that we know will inspire and uplift your family. In September, we added new programing that will unleash the budding artist in your family, get you all moving, and increase your conversational ASL Skills. This fall has many of us learning virtually. We know it can be challenging to provide motivating art and physical education activities at home. This month’s new releases focus on giving …

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child passenger safety

Child Passenger Safety Week: Tips for Parents

September 20-26 is National Child Passenger Safety Week.  It’s common practice in our society to use car seats and seat belts, and we tend to think it’s a pretty straightforward practice.  So why do we need to talk about or have an awareness week about child passenger safety? Unfortunately, many of us do not use our safety restraint systems properly.  There is a correct way to use a seatbelt, a car seat, or a booster seat.  Incorrect usage can be fatal in a car wreck.  The National Safety Council reports that a child under 13 years of age is involved …

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kids learn the alphabet

Learn to Sign the Alphabet With My Signing Time

You may be asking, “Why do my kids need to learn to sign the alphabet if they know plenty of other signs?” or “What is the point of learning to sign the alphabet?” That’s a fair question, and we have a few reasons to offer in response. First, when signing, we still use the names of people and places. There is no possible way to create a sign for each of these names, nor would it be possible to know them all.  So we spell them.  This is called “fingerspelling”, and it is used a lot in signing.   Fingerspelling is …

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Care about childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is a full month for awareness issues, and while we cannot possibly cover every one of them, we’re going to look at a couple of them.  One of September’s titles is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. While childhood cancer is an issue that many of us have not dealt with personally, there are many who have dealt with it quite personally.  And so, it’s an issue that we should be willing to understand in a deeper way. The first way to do this is to increase our awareness about childhood cancer.  The co-founder and executive director of The Morgan Adams …

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How to Easily Learn ASL Grammar and Classifiers

Are you ready to learn how to use ASL grammar and classifiers?  If you want to take your ASL to the next level you must learn these essential skills. Now is the perfect time to try out our Sign It! program.  Sign It! is an American Sign Language course for tweens, teens, and adults. Grow your understanding of ASL Storytelling and Deaf culture while learning to properly use ASL grammar and classifiers in a fun format. The new site is fully functional for both mobile and desktop learning. It’s self-paced, taught by some amazing ASL experts, and is a LOT …

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