Hand-y Crafts by LeeAnn

Spring Hand-y Craft: Finger Paint Flowers

Materials White construction paper Finger paint – various colors Directions Step 1:  Paint your fingers green. Make grass by pressing your fingers across the bottom of the paper. You may need to repaint your fingers several times to complete this

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Hand-y Craft: Heart Keepsake

Create and Sharing Create a beautiful keepsake with your hands and fingerprints. Download directions Download Signing Time Valentines Download Hopkins Valentines Download more Hand-y Crafts    

Hand-y Craft: Stained Glass Snowflake

Create and Celebrate! Create a stained glass snowflake to give winter a sparkle of color.   Download directions Download more Hand-y Crafts    

December Hand-y Craft – Angel

Create and Celebrate! Create an Angel to top your tree or dress your Holiday table.                 Download directions Download other Signing Time Hand-y Crafts