Sunday May 11th 2008 (morning)

I am happy to report we landed and other than the outburst of applause it seemed pretty normal. Come to think of it, is it normal for everyone on a flight to hold their breathe simultaneously? I guess not.

This time there are seven of us. Curry and Erin are the founders of Signs Of Hope International. Brian is head of Deaf Studies at UVU. Two past SOHI volunteers are here, Michelle and Amy.  Amy is here through July.  She is arriving a week before the rest of the volunteers.  Then there is me and Deb.  Deb met up with us at JFK airport.  She flew in from Washington DC.

We just had breakfast on the plane.  We will land in Accra in one hour.  DonKwa will be there with the tro-tro.  I have to smile!!  No, it wasn’t just a dream last January.  It was, and IS real!