Baby Sign Language May Increase Their Self Esteem

The communication pattern that is established early on in your relationship with your child when you learn baby sign language leads to a self-esteem boost for both you and your little one. When we are better able to express ourselves and communicate, we are better able to connect. The value of early communication and the self-esteem boost it leads to is invaluable.

Communicating with ease will boost your baby’s confidence.

Learning to use baby sign language at a young age will help your child to communicate more effectively. When your little one is better able to communicate their wants and needs to you. Baby sign language allows your child to communicate their feelings, such as scared, excited, happy, sad, and more. Patterns and repetition encourage learning. It’s easy for your child to develop a learned pattern of frustration and confusion when they are trying unsuccessfully to convey something to you—this can harm their confidence. When signing your child may experience less frustration from miscommunication and may boost their confidence.

Communication leads to connection. The more a child is able to successfully communicate, the more they will do so. When they are comfortable communicating with you, they are much more confident to reach out and connect. This can turn into a positive cycle of learning, connecting, and building confidence.


Better self-esteem leads to more growth.

When communication skills progress, your child is enabled to grow in other ways too. Baby sign language can help your little one to progress in their cognitive abilities as they learn to connect signs and actions with meanings. This ability to relay their thoughts will also enhance self-expression. Being able to express yourself and your emotions is a vital skill and provides opportunity for more growth.

As children are enabled to express themselves, their self-esteem will grow, and they will establish a pattern of learning with confidence. Giving your little one a confidence boost early on in life is so valuable. This extra confidence will also encourage better communication between you and your child.


It can help you too!

Baby Sign Language doesn’t only boost the confidence of your child, but it can boost yours too! As a parent, being unable to communicate with and meet the needs of your child can leave your confidence feeling shaken. Naturally, as parents, we have a desire to meet the needs of our children, to provide for them, to comfort them—this is increasingly more difficult when you don’t understand each other.

When tempers flare and tantrums ensure, it’s easy to spend time guessing at what your child wants or what they are trying to convey to you. When you and your little one learn baby sign language together, you will have the ability to communicate more effectively with each other which leads to the ability to get to know each other more and meet each other’s needs. This would give any parent a confidence boost.

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