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Does Baby Sign Language Reduce Tantrums?

What Causes Tantrums Dealing with tantrums can be overwhelming and disheartening. The frustration and heightened emotions that result from tantrums often bring unintended discord between you and your child. These fits can lead to a lack of sleep, the embarrassment

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7 Awesome Benefits of Baby Sign Language

  Baby sign language is extremely beneficial to you, your child, and your relationship. As you learn to effectively communicate together through simple signs and gestures you will have the opportunity to grow closer, learn a new skill together, better

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We Have October ASL Signs for You!

October brings autumn leaves, shorter days, cooler weather, and comfort foods. October is also a time to celebrate Cookie Month, National Pizza Month, and National Popcorn Popping Month and, of course, Halloween. Here are some fun signs to practice in October! Cookie

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