signs to learn with our kids for Halloween

Signs to Learn with Our Kids for Halloween

The Halloween season is a perfect time to incorporate some new signs into your family’s vocabulary! With the changing weather, the fun costumes we’re planning, and the treats of the season, there are certainly plenty of words we can practice in American Sign Language. So let’s choose a few new signs to learn with our kids for Halloween.

Halloween signs

Firstly, over at My Signing Time, we have a short, free show to help you learn some typical Halloween signs. Head on over to My Signing Time to watch Signing Time Halloween Signs in our Watch Free section. In this short video, you can learn the signs for pumpkin, Jack-o-Lantern, ghost, candy, Halloween, and more. It’s easy to play it on repeat, so it’s a great place to find signs to learn with your kids for Halloween.

Costume signs 

There are so many signs that could go with our kids’ costumes, but of course, we don’t have to learn them all right now! Here are just a few that could go with your kids’ costumes.


Is your child dressing up as an animal? There’s an entire section for animals in our Signing Time Dictionary, where you can find signs for frog, lion, spider, or monkey, along with a bunch more.


For kids dressing up with a sports themed costume, the free Signing Time Dictionary also has a section with sports signs. So head here to find signs to go along with your sports costumes.

Jobs and vocations

In the Signing Time Classic Collection, there is a show about people and places called My Neighborhood. And when your kids watch this show, they can learn signs like firefighter and doctor, along with some other people and places.

Dressing up signs

There are also several signs we can learn just to go along with dressing up. Again, there’s a section for this in the Signing Time Dictionary. Head over to the clothing section to find signs for the different parts of your costumes.

Weather signs

On Halloween night, we have to notice the weather so that we can prepare for our trick-or-treating outings. So weather signs are good signs to learn with our kids for Halloween. We can learn the signs for cold, hot, outside, rain, or snow.

More Halloween signs

Here are some more general signs to learn with our kids for Halloween. We can learn the signs for home or for light. There are also signs for paint and pretend. Along with signs for things, we can learn signs for feelings like excited, scared, or fun. And then, there is the most important sign of all for Halloween:  CANDY!

Whoo! That is a big list of signs, but hopefully it helps to have them all in one place. Have you chosen some signs to learn with your kids for Halloween this year? 

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