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Autism, Failed Hearing Test, and Communication Breakthrough

We appreciate our Signing Time families and we love hearing YOUR stories. We wanted to share this one with YOU! Happy Signing! Thank you for empowering me to communicate more fully with my babies. We started using Signing Time nine years ago when our oldest was 6-months old. It opened the door for understanding each other. By 18-months our son understood, and was using, over 200 signs. Years later, we came to learn that he is on the autistic spectrum. I think one of the reasons I dismissed the possibility of autism was that communication and language were so important to him. …

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Replace Crying With Communication!

Baby Sign Language lets babies and toddlers communicate their needs so they don’t need to cry to let you know what they want. With signs, your baby will learn how to tell you when he is hungry, wants more, or is all done. Your child’s first 100 words in songs and signs Helps babies communicate before talking Reduces frustration and tantrums Increases bonding and connection Opens a window to your child’s heart and mind Teaches a second language (American Sign Language) Select DVDs or Digital Buy Baby Signing Time Complete DVD Collection Now Buy Baby Signing Time Complete Digital Collection …

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Sign Language Success

We at Two Little Hands are grateful for the hundreds of success stories that are shared with us. These stories back the research done on signing with infants and children. Enjoy some of the amazing testimonials we have received. My daughter has been watching Baby Signing Time videos since soon after birth. Learn more on my blog. Now at 2-years-old, she knows many of the signs and really loves the colorful flash cards. I credit the creative songs with helping her pick up vocabulary quickly and teaching American Sign Language to not only her, but my husband and I too. Some of the …

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5 Reasons All Children Should Learn Sign Language

by LeeAnn Mason Baby sign language has lots of benefits and many people are on board with signing with babies. But what about using sign language for children who have developed some spoken language? Should you still sign? While there may naturally not be a need to continue using sign after spoken language emerges, we say stick with it! The benefits are vast. Claire Vallotton, Ph.D. states, “There are many benefits of using signs with students – from as young as preverbal infants, to those in early elementary, all the way to adult students who struggle with reading or those who are learning …

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Voted One of the Best Websites for Speech and Language

Hooray! We’ve been named one of the 100 Best Blogs and Websites for Speech and Language Pathology 4 years running by Kidmunicate!   What were they looking for in their picks for top websites? Blogs from some articulate, smart and creative speech and language pathologists who offer advice, lesson plans, crafting ideas, etc. Resource websites that SLPs can use to find evidence-based research, clip art and jobs and much more. Websites that specialize in a particular disorder – Autism. Voice, Down Syndrome, Childhood Apraxia, Stuttering, cerebral palsy, etc. Websites that focus on relevant technology. We are so proud to make …

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Baby Signing Time Success Story

Baby sign language benefits children – and parents. The following video about Anna caught our attention on Instagram and we were given permission to share it with you. Anna has been learning American Sign Language by watching Baby Signing Time videos. It’s been so helpful for communication and lessening frustrations.  mariahbabcock#annaelizabeth had been signing like crazy, recently. She learned these signs from watching Baby Signing Time videos just a few times a week.  [youtube]  

Gift Guide: Top 10 Fan Picks

Your votes are in! Here are the official top 10 Signing Time gifts for 2017: Signing Time Nursery Rhymes Baby Sign Language System Baby Signing Time Flash Cards TreeSchoolers Science Complete Set All of the Signing Time Products! You can get them digitally at Season 1, Vol. 5 ABC Signs Season 1, Vol. 7: Leah’s Farm Signing Time Christmas Potty Time Complete System Season 2, Vol. 2: Happy Birthday to You Thank you to our Facebook fans who participated in this survey! See selected comments below. We are excited to share the new Signing Time Nursery Rhymes with our children! TreeSchoolers. …

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Hot Deal Happening Now!

It’s the $10 DVD Sale! Get all single DVDs for $10 each! Enter coupon code: 10DVD during checkout at All single Baby Signing Time, Potty Time, Signing Time, and Rachel & the TreeSchoolers on sale now through February 13, 2017. Details: Offer good from February 9, 2017 to February 13, 2017 11:59 PM MST. Coupon Code: 10DVD must be entered in the coupon code box during check out. Offer can’t be applied to previous orders or other items. Not valid with other promotions, codes, or discounts. Not Valid on Bundles, Collections, or Systems. Not valid on bulk or wholesale orders. Two …

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Priceless Rewards: Beating the Odds with Signing Time

“What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine.” Baby Signing Time Kickstarter Backer Diane C. shares her story about the powerful life-long rewards of signing with her daughter, Erin.   “I just have to share how Signing Time continues to touch our lives every day. My daughter has been a life-long member of the Signing Time family. When she had a speech delay because of Down syndrome, Signing Time gave her an age appropriate vocabulary. As her speech ability became stronger, she stopped signing, until she began using longer sentences. Then she used her signs …

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Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

by Lisa T. American Sign Language has been an invaluable blessing to my family. Our three-year-old daughter, June, has complex medical needs including a tracheostomy which prevents her from vocalizing. American Sign Language allows June to communicate with us and to acquire a rich, complete language during these vital early years of brain development. Signing Time enabled us to start learning ASL as a family and to share this language with others. When June received a tracheostomy at 2 months old, doctors did not know if or when she would be able to vocalize. At that time, my husband, my …

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