Learn Some Picnic Signs This Month

Learn Some Picnic Signs This Month

July is National Picnic Month, and the timing couldn’t be better. The middle of summer is the perfect time to get together with friends or to spend time in nature. It’s also a great time to escape to the mountains, the lake, or the beach. And of course, food is always a fun part of time with friends or a fun getaway. So while we enjoy picnicking this July, let’s learn some signs to use with our kids along the way. Here are some picnic signs to learn this month.

Picnic Signs

It makes sense for us to begin with the most obvious sign – the sign for picnic!

Next, let’s look at signs for what we bring on a picnic! We might bring a blanket to sit on, or plates for our food.

The Food

Then of course we could learn signs for the food! We have an entire section on Mealtime in our free Signing Time Dictionary. You can check that out for any meal-related signs. For specific picnic foods, here are a few signs to choose from. 

Bread Cracker Cheese

Chicken Salad Sandwich

Apple Banana Carrot

Grapes Peach Pear

Strawberry Watermelon

And here are a few more picnic signs to learn this month.

Drink Dessert Eat Lunch

Shows to help your child learn picnic signs

At My Signing Time, we have fun shows to help you and your children learn hundreds of signs through singing and repetition. Some of our shows are free to watch, and you can check those out here. However, most of our shows require a subscription which gives you digital access to all of our shows through any device. If you don’t have a subscription, you can try one with a 14-day free trial to help you decide if it’s right for your family. 

Here are some shows that include some picnic signs.

Going Outside from our Signing Time Series teaches several outdoor signs.

My Neighborhood, also from the Singing Time Series, teaches signs to go with playgrounds and outdoor fun.

We also have a few Baby Signing Time shows about food and the outdoors.

First, in episode 1, It’s Baby Signing Time, babies can learn several food signs to go along with our picnic signs to learn this month.

After that, in episode 3, A New Day, there are lots of outdoor signs.

And then in episode 4, Let’s Be Friends, your little ones can learn a few more food signs along with some signs for feelings too.

So during this July, head out to have some picnic fun with friends and family, and choose a few new picnic signs to learn this month.

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