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My Signing Time Story: 2 Daughters + Signing = Happy Family

Guest blog post by Megan McWilliams, Norfolk, NE[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjBfRcCrWAU&hl=en&fs=1] As a full-time working mother of a 9 month old daughter, I desperately wished that Adalia could talk to me. Communicate anything, please. One day I read in a parenting magazine that babies could sign before they could talk. I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try, so I began teaching myself some American Sign Language vocabulary through online video dictionaries. I then taught my daughter and my husband. The frustration between Adalia and I immediately started to decrease as our ability to communicate increased. We all learned the signs for …

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The Road Less Traveled…Ouch

By Derek Brown – AKA Alex’s dad, Leah’s Uncle I chose to run a half marathon because I am in fantastic shape, I knew it would be easy, and I thought it would be a pleasurable experience.  Well, not really.  Actually, I chose to do it because my 11-year-old, Alex, decided to do it and asked me if I was up to doing it   with him.  What would you do? Now, just a bit of friendly advice here:  if you are going to run a half marathon, there is the way to do it, and then, of course, there is …

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“Just a Mom”- Reflections on 41 Years of Mothering

“Mother dear, I love you so,

Your happy smiling face

Is such a joy to look at,

It makes home a lovely place”

This was a song I sang many years ago as little girl in Jr. Sunday School. Our mothers wore corsages, got a long-stemmed carnation or a little plant from the church, and had either had breakfast in bed prepared by the children with help from Father, or went out after church services to a nice place for lunch.

I am a Baby-Boomer, born in the post-World War II years between 1946 and 1956.

I Am Grateful

I am Grateful! by Alex from Signing Time Last January I went to the city of Accra in Ghana, Africa. I felt thankful for things I had never really thought about before. In Accra, there isn’t a good trash removal system. Instead, people put their garbage in a bag, set it on the street, and set fire to it. All the fires made the air smoky. I realized how thankful I was for a garbage system and clean air. Where we stayed in Ghana, if I wanted a hot shower, I took water from the well (the water was not …

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Since the release of our new website and blog, many of you have requested that we post this article written by Lex de Azevedo, President of Signing Time, and father of Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown. We included the original article in one of our newsletters that we put out earlier this year, but like it so much that we want to share it again. If you would like to begin receiving newsletters, visit our Monthly Newsletter Home Page. This article is an excerpt from Out of the Chaos: Notes on Raising Nine Independent Children Ransacked! June 2008 by Lex …

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It’s REALLY Me!!

Can you believe it?? It’s really me! Rebecca did an excellent job posting everything I told her on the phone. I felt so hurried and excited and worried that the phone card would expire before I could tell her all that I wanted to say. I felt like everything that came out of my mouth was a jumbled mess! Obviously I am at an internet cafe! They have one here at THE Botel!! Are you dying? We are actually here! And yes there are crocs. Alex, Leah and I fed them this morning. Then on a stupid dare, Curry and …

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