It’s REALLY Me!!

Can you believe it?? It’s really me! Rebecca did an excellent job posting everything I told her on the phone. I felt so hurried and excited and worried that the phone card would expire before I could tell her all that I wanted to say. I felt like everything that came out of my mouth was a jumbled mess!

Obviously I am at an internet cafe! They have one here at THE Botel!! Are you dying? We are actually here! And yes there are crocs. Alex, Leah and I fed them this morning. Then on a stupid dare, Curry and I got into a paddle boat and paddled around the lagoon! Our boat had a broken rudder and we could only go right. We were horrified especially because we had to run past a crocodile to get in the boat in the first place. Then we were stranded in the lagoon. With no way to get back to shore and the croc waiting for us upon our arrival. What a mess. We both kept our “outside” hands and arms in close to our bodies, I mean what type of signing future would I have if I lost my hand to a croc?? While we were pedaling in circles dinner arrived for everyone else and they all sat down to eat. If we had been eaten alive they would have heard our screams and come back to video tape it I am sure.

We wake up SO early every day. There are thousands of birds that live around the lagoons here at the Botel and this morning I woke up to there squawkes, squeaks and non-stop chatter. My waking thought was “I love this place!” And then I sat straight up wondering if that was really MY thought. The first night in Ghana I could not sleep because of all of the noise. Frogs, goats, roosters ALL night long. (I thought roosters only crow when the sun comes up!) Gardeners singing at 3 AM, taxis honking on the street and bugs… some sounded like digital beeping alarm clocks! All of us were up for hours and then at different times would bump into eachother in the living room reading a book or journaling when we JUST couldn’t take lying in bed one more minute. Oh, Leah slept like a rock!

I am trying to type quickly so forgive the typos if they are there. It is sticky and humid here in Cape Coast. Mampong has been mostly dry. People here are so friendly, generally. Oh today we got in a car accident! Someone hit our tro-tro that’s like a van that is a taxi. I think the driver was so blinded by our white skin or so shocked to see us she ran right into us. I am NOT kidding. You would not believe what a splash we make around here. We have seen thousands and thousands of people and at last count, yes we are counting, not including the 8 of us we had seen 7 caucasian people until yesterday. Now we point and holler when we see them, just like the locals point and holler at us. How crazy is that? The number has doubled since arriving at the Botel. I think it is because they are the first thing that comes up when you search Cape Coast.

Alex and Leah have started a bottle cap collection, because here the sodas come in glass bottles. You have to finish your drink before leaving the place you bought it, because you can not take the bottle with you.

Here everyone carries everything on their heads. It is incredible! Little children carrying big heavy buckets full of water! I am going to see if some of the girls at the deaf school will teach me how to do that tomorrow. Tomorrow morning we head back to Mampong. I will be helping Marco teach the SOHI workshop for the primary school (elementary) teachers. Then Wednesday I will do the same for with the secondary school teachers.

I was able to interview Marco on camera and I went to church with him on Sunday as his interpreter. I got Signing Timed at church in Ghana, because he teaches a sign class there each week and sometimes bring the DVD’s with him (he also brings a portable DVD player) There are 2 women that attend his sign language class. We watched Signing Time DVD #3 (for some reason he only has #1, #2 and #13 for the deaf school). WE brought a complete set to leave behind for the school to use. So I signed along with it and both women had so many questions. I was impressed with how much they already had learned! I shared with them our story about Leah and Lucy and I brought a family picture. One of them hugged me and said she was so happy to meet me. She said meeting me and hearing my story renewed her testimony of God.

I have SO much more to share! I wish we could just have a big sleepover so I could stay up late and tell you all everything!! Showing you all of the pictures and video. I am constantly amazed that I am even here. Sometimes I just stop and thing, “I am in Africa!” I never would have anticipated coming here. Probably never in my entire life! I mean people go to Europe and South America but Africa?? Good grief! Just one more way I have been so blessed by my children. They give me a life that is an incredible adventure.

Until next time~

8 thoughts on “It’s REALLY Me!!”

  1. Thanks for the update Rachel! I cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back. I’m sure it has been an amazing trip for you all. You have touched more lives than you know with Signing Time!

  2. Thanks to you and Rebecca for the updates. I was checking in today to see if Rebecca had updated and wow… it’s you!
    Sounds like you have having such a great adventure! I can’t wait to see pics, and hear ALL about it! You are so inspiring. Rock on friend.

  3. I love the updates! It sounds like you are having the adventure of a lifetime. It is so amazing that ST! can travel to Africa and share with them something that makes all of us so connected. What a gift you have given the people of Ghana. I look forward to the next update and the next Wenesday chat when your home.

  4. Lynja_the_ninja

    wow I can feel the excitement you have just from read this. I can’t wait to see and hear all you have to share when you get back. Thanks for makeing us be a part of this.

  5. THank you so much for updating!
    I hope that you will come back .. maybe you’ll be really tired.. but i know your heart and mind must be refreshed and empowered!
    Can’t wait to hear more!

  6. hhtheoneandonly

    Congrats on not getting eaten, Rachel. HAHA- pun intended. I was watching Zoo Train this weekend, and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I watched you sign CROCODILE. Oh, the irony!

    I hope you guys are having a good time.


  7. Wow! I can’t wait to see the pictures and read more about your adventures there. Thank you so much for taking us on your trip with you. Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe trip home!

  8. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo awesome to hear!!!! I bet Leah was so amazed to see how so many kids in a country like that knew her and had benefited from her part in Signing Time! How exciting!!!!

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