Hi, Rachel! I just wanted to share that our 6.5 yr old son was dx’d with global dev. delays in infancy. Our older daughter loved your Baby Sigining-Time videos she watched at a sitters so we bought one of our own and so our son watched it pretty much on repeat daily since birth. As he was approaching 18months he still had absolutely nothing that even sounded like a word and no pointing skills, etc. His only communication of what he wanted or needed was our guessing as he grunted or squeaked. He had early intervention and everything. Finally, one …


Priceless Rewards: Beating the Odds with Signing Time

“What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine.” Baby Signing Time Kickstarter Backer Diane C. shares her story about the powerful life-long rewards of signing with her daughter, Erin.   “I just have to share how Signing Time continues to touch our lives every day. My daughter has been a life-long member of the Signing Time family. When she had a speech delay because of Down syndrome, Signing Time gave her an age appropriate vocabulary. As her speech ability became stronger, she stopped signing, until she began using longer sentences. Then she used her signs …

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Signing Time and Our Journey As a Special Needs Family

by Lisa T. American Sign Language has been an invaluable blessing to my family. Our three-year-old daughter, June, has complex medical needs including a tracheostomy which prevents her from vocalizing. American Sign Language allows June to communicate with us and to acquire a rich, complete language during these vital early years of brain development. Signing Time enabled us to start learning ASL as a family and to share this language with others. When June received a tracheostomy at 2 months old, doctors did not know if or when she would be able to vocalize. At that time, my husband, my …

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Supporting Down Syndrome Awareness Month

The Signing Time Foundation is proud to be a long-standing supporter of children with Down syndrome and their families.  Signing Time Co-founder Rachel Coleman can often be found at the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walks around the country. We’ve been working hard to build a great database of resources for you to use when signing with children who have Down syndrome. You can also see children with Down syndrome demonstrating signs in our shows. We have seen the benefits of using American Sign Language to assist with communication for children who have Down syndrome. These children sometimes find it difficult to express themselves verbally. …

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American Sign Language and Apraxia of Speech

Children with Apraxia of Speech experience difficulties when the muscles involved in forming the sounds do not work properly. This makes it hard to say their words. Children with Apraxia and other speech and language disorders have difficulty communicating their wants and needs, which leads to high levels of frustration. By using American Sign Language (ASL), children can overcome barriers to spoken language and successfully communicate. This success gives them a sense of empowerment, which can lead to increased self-esteem and confidence. As a pediatric SLP, I always knew that I wanted my kids to learn simple signs and have access to communication at …

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Wyatt’s crazy progress thanks to ASL signs

Originally posted on fromNICUtoLife by Nicole Ott Signing Time Academy Instructor Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed anyone that Wyatt could be where he’s at now simply by introducing him to some basic ASL signs. Here was a kid who was completely non-verbal and had meltdowns every single day, multiple times a day. He was the kid who had a meltdown simply for being in the same room as a therapist. No medical professional knew how to help us. There was no silver lining. We had essentially given up hope that his behavior would ever change. Communication and behavior progress …

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