Priceless Rewards: Beating the Odds with Signing Time

“What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine.”

Baby Signing Time Kickstarter Backer Diane C. shares her story about the powerful life-long rewards of signing with her daughter, Erin.

“I just have to share how Signing Time continues to touch our lives every day. My daughter has been a life-long member of the Signing Time family. When she had a speech delay because of Down syndrome, Signing Time gave her an age appropriate vocabulary. As her speech ability became stronger, she stopped signing, until she began using longer sentences. Then she used her signs to organize her thoughts. We also use signs to help her memorize materials for tests, and love Rachel and the TreeSchoolers for giving us a solid academic-based vocabulary.
Our daughter is in 5th grade now. The note came home innocent enough–time to memorize the Preamble of the Constitution. As I was working through the panic, a video appeared in my newsfeed of Leah performing a song from the Broadway play Hamilton.



And then the ah-ha moment. We once again used sign language to beat the odds, exceed expectations, and to provide a multi-sensory way to learn. Our daughter not only memorized the Preamble, she did so in two languages. What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine. And she did. She Shined.


We have participated in three Kickstarter campaigns, and the experience is phenomenal. My daughter not only had the chance to see behind the scenes of how the videos are made, but she was in front of the camera, gaining confidence and reinforcement that she is a pretty lucky kid. And she gets a screen credit for having a speaking part (sign language counts.)


Baby Signing Time is not just for babies, and you just never know where your journey will take you. …So, if you can, please consider supporting the Kickstarter.
~Diane C.


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