What do you want to see in our iPhone app

Signing Time Video Iphone App
Video App for $4.99

We launched our iPhone application earlier this year and it’s been a great success. Our consumers and fans have loved the option to use Signing Time in a more mobile format.

Based on demand we decided to launch two separate apps. One app includes video of Rachel signing each sign. The number of signs are limited in this version because it is more video based and requires a large amount of space. It includes the american sign language signs from Volumes 1-2 of Signing Time. This initial app is $4.99 and available via iTunes.

Signing Time Flash Card Iphone App
Flashcard Dictionary - $1.99

Our second app was geared only to flash card use for reviewing the ASL signs found in our Baby Signing Time Series Volumes 1-4 and Signing Time Volumes 1-3 and Volume 5 for a total of over 145 sign language flash cards that you can use with your toddler, children or even babies. The flash card app is also available via iTunes for $1.99

We’ve received tons of feedback and requests on our iPhone app. We’d like your feedback and ideas or requests for what you’d like to see with the iPhone app and it’s future. More content, full length video, more vocabulary? Let us know.

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