Spiders As Big As Your Fist: It Just Keeps Getting Better

Today, Curry and Heidi from Signs of Hope International left for Ghana. 3 down 4 to go! Last night I called Curry about some last minute things. He has been there many times and it was at his invitation and the invitation of the schools that we are fortunate enough to be part of this amazing experience! I was asking him about packing swimsuits and rain gear.  Yes talk about two ends of a spectrum. The packing list we received from SOHI mentioned both. He said there is not a body of water that he would recommend getting into. As far as rain, he said, WHEN it rains it is still 90 degrees so jackets aren’t necessary. I told him that I had been looking up different travel sites that talked about Ghana and I saw some pictures of very large lizards. He laughed and said on one of his past trips a lizard gave birth on their front door and there were baby lizards everywhere! Then he said “Do you like spiders?” He actually sounded serious. I hardly dared to ask him, “Why?”
“There are spiders as big as your fist. They come out every night, the same spiders. You start recognizing them and naming them after a couple of nights. And you’ll wonder hmmm, where is that one?” I could hardly answer. I think I managed a very weak, “Oh good!”

Leah’s skirts arrived yesterday and then I found a great skirt in her closet… yeah, I didn’t think to look there. Luckily Old Navy is having a huge sale. 50% off the sale price! This trip brought to you by Old Navy, Ziplocks and Ebay🙂 Actually this trip is brought to you by real live Signing Time fans!! Every time I see that the Chip In meter has another contributor, I am so touched by YOUR generosity!

I only posted the Chip In donation meters 2 weeks ago and so far 51 people have donated raising more than $2,145. We have hit the 50% mark of the final leg! You can visit the Chip In page and see the messages some have left. You have kept me busy sending out “Thank you!” messages to each of our Signing Time friends. And I mean it “Thank you!”

If you were one of the many who almost Chipped In over the past few weeks… maybe you clicked but got distracted, or planned to do it later, there is no time like the present. Chip In now and I might even name a fist sized spider after you!!!

9 thoughts on “Spiders As Big As Your Fist: It Just Keeps Getting Better”

  1. I looked at your blog less than 2 hours after you posted this and the tracker was up to 74%~ it was $3240 or something! I thought I’d take a quick check before I shut my computer down for the night (and it’s 12:40am est) and you’re at $3480~ 81%!!!!

    Ray, you’re going to meet your goal!!!!

  2. Counting down with y’all. I am so thankful y’all are
    doing this! If you are making contact with staff at
    the Volta School for the Deaf on this trip, please let
    me know.
    : )

  3. Lynja_the_ninja

    I’m glad you’ll be naming those spiders and not me. I don’t mind spiders but fist size!!!! Good luck on your trip.

  4. I am so excited you are almost at 100%! Becareful and have loads of fun. Excited to hear all about your
    trip, can’t wait.

  5. You know, it’s a wonderful sight to see 100% on the chip in tracker.

    I don’t know about you, but I started crying when I saw it.

    Have a great and successful trip.

  6. WOW! I am so excited, what a way to send the Signing Time! group off on their wonderful journey.

    Rachel, I have a special blog prepared for you if you have time to stop by and take a peek before you leave.

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