2 Weeks to Go to Ghana!

Two weeks from today we are going to be on the plane! I have been stressing out because I have been sick since the week before Christmas. It’s been one thing after another.

Aaron, Derek, Alex and Leah all started their typhoid medication last night. I didn’t start because I am going to see the doctor today and see if I need an antibiotic for what ever it is I already have. I can’t take the typhoid meds and be on an antibiotic at the same time. PLUS we start our malaria medication the day we leave. Can I effectively manage all of this??? Yes, I can:-)

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1 thought on “2 Weeks to Go to Ghana!”

  1. “Can I effectively manage all of this??? Yes, I can:-)”

    Of course you can! You, my friend, are UNSTOPPABLE!!!
    Go You!

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