Learn a Few New Signs for St. Patrick’s Day

Here we are at another holiday time! With St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, it’s a perfect time to work on some new ASL signs with your family. Holidays make it easy to focus on just a few new signs. And they help us to have plenty of opportunities to use those signs during a concentrated period of time. When we are able to use a sign regularly like this, we are much more likely to learn that sign permanently. So let’s learn a few new signs for St. Patrick’s Day!

Basic signs to use for St. Patrick’s Day

Of course, we should start by learning the sign for green


learn a few new signs for St. Patrick's Day


You could also learn the sign for gold if you read or talk about finding gold at the end of the rainbow. In fact, you can learn the signs for both find and rainbow too!


learn a few new signs for St. Patrick's Day


Simple St. Patrick’s Day projects


While you’re learning a few new signs for St. Patrick’s Day, remember that we’ve got some Handy Crafts over at Signing Time. Handy Crafts use your kids’ hands to make a craft. For St. Patrick’s Day, you could make a shamrock, a more complex leprechaun, or a simpler leprechaun

And for an even simpler activity, try our St. Patrick’s Day coloring page, with Hopkins the Frog as a leprechaun. 

My Signing Time Resources

Lastly, over at My Signing Time, we have several shows about rainbows and their colors. 

Rachel & Me Rainbows

Show Me How – Rainbow Fruit Snacks

Classic Signing Time – My Favorite Things

Mother Goose Club Rainbow, Rainbow

Show Me How – Walking Rainbow

SciShow Kids – Why Are Foods Many Colors?

Remember that you can try out a My Signing Time subscription with a 14-day free trial, or check out our Watch Free section to see what we have to offer.

So join us in learning a few new signs for St. Patrick’s Day! And check out our other resources at Signing Time and My Signing Time to help your kids learn through this holiday as well.  


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