national love your pet day

National Love Your Pet Day is Coming Up

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day. Pet owners do love their extra family members! This is a day to celebrate our pets and to show them some extra love. And it’s a perfect time to teach our little ones about our pets. They can learn to help take care of the pets in our homes. And while we’re at it, we could help them learn the ASL sign for their pet, and maybe for some other animals too!

We often think of pets as cats or dogs, and we refer to them as our furry friends. But many people go with other animals as pets. I have friends who adore their bird. And I know another family with several pythons, and they love their snakes. People love their fish, hamsters and gerbils, rats and mice, lizards and other reptiles, and probably lots of other animals.

Pets can be really good for us

Why do we humans love our pets so much? Studies actually show that they benefit us in several ways. Playing with our pets can help us relax and decrease stress, as it releases serotonin and dopamine in our brains. In the same way, pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression.

Also, did you know that pet ownership can decrease the risk of heart disease? Pet owners tend to have lower cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure. In fact, people with pets have been shown to visit the doctor significantly less in general, implying that they tend to be healthier. There is a lot more about the benefits of owning pets right here.

How to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

According to National Day Calendar, on National Love Your Pet Day, we are to show our pets some extra care and appreciation. So they recommend that we take a little extra time for grooming, washing their bedding or tanks, or inspecting their toys. It’s a day for an extra long walk or some extra play.  And pets love treats, so let’s get their favorite treats for National Love Your Pet Day.

Help your child learn more about pets

In the Signing Time Dictionary, there is an entire section with signs for animals. Your kids can learn the sign for dog, cat, bird, fish, lizard, rabbit, mouse, snake, turtle, or any of the other 54 animal signs there. And of course, there is the sign for pet too.

And at My Signing Time, there are fun, educational videos about pets and animals. 

The Pets I Love in Signing Time at Home with Rachel (watch for free!)

Pets in the Rachel & Me Series

Awesome Animals in Rachel & the TreeSchoolers

Leah’s Farm and The Zoo Train in the Signing Time Classic Series

If you don’t have a My Signing Time digital subscription, you can try it out with a 14-day free trial right here!

How will you celebrate National Love Your Pet Day?

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